Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mini Beauty and More Tiaras

It's been chilly, no, freezing here the past two days.  So, I've been busy, curled up on my couch, re-configuring metal.  With a small piece of scrap metal,

and a little metal fleur-de-lis, I created this mini crown.  You know how much I love close up shots, so you can't tell from my first pic, but it's only 2" in diameter.

Each piece is made of brass.  I roughed it up, and gave it a base coat of charcoal paint, mixed with a little plaster.  A somewhat thin coat of white followed, which faded to a pale grey. After a little distressing, I finished it off with matte varnish.  I'm loving this little beauty.

As long as I was on a more layered, distressed finish, I kept going with these.

Oh, yes, I made more angel tiaras.

I'm working on a few redesigned frames, boxes, ottomans, etc.  I'll share soon.

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  1. Oh these are so lovely Rosemary!
    They turned out so beautiful.
    You must be so pleased.

  2. So glad you made more my friend I just purchased one :-)
    These are so beautiful!

  3. Okay, you are just TOO GOOD at this! Amazing, as crowns are so popular and you can never have enough.

    Love them so much.

    Oh, I know it's cold there, my sister told me it was only 4 degrees the other morning. Brrrrr....luckily it's 77 degrees where I live.

  4. Rosemary you have such the touch. These little beauties are incredible. Yes I wish we lived closer what fun we would have doing a paint party!

    hugs to you sweet friend

  5. That little one is adorable, Rosemary! I love crowns and tiaras in all sizes. I like to use the little ones on statues and one I even used as a topper on one of my small Christmas trees.

  6. These are amazing!!! I will look at scrap metal in a whole new light now. :)

  7. These are so charming, Rosemary. Inspiring, as always!

    Jeanette @ Creating A Life

  8. Love them all--that tiny one is really sweet.

  9. You are SO amazing Rosemary!!! I love these precious crowns no matter what size they should capture a photo of these sweet creations on some of your beautiful statuary! I bet they would fit them perfectly...hugs and love, Dawn

  10. These are darling Rosemary! They would look wonderful sitting on top of a stack of old books. Love that you made some mini ones:)

  11. The two inch tiara is terribly sweet Rosemary. I adore minis.

  12. These are amazing. I'm off to visit your ETSY shop. Love these little mini crowns.

  13. So beautiful Rosemary, I love coming to visit and always leave inspired!

  14. I love crowns and tiaras! Yours are so pretty. Gonna have to go check out your Etsy shop now.

  15. So pretty. But then, everything you do is.


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