Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sharing At Kane

I will be back at the Kane County Flea Market in St. Charles, IL, this Saturday, August 2nd.

I won't be in my old space, because I'm not returning on a regular basis.  I will be sharing a space with my friend Lynn (Parisian Flea Market).  We will be in the Poultry Building.

I'll try to share more photos tomorrow.  This is just a tiny drop of what I'll be bringing.

To those of you who are planning to attend, see you there.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Vintage Faire

This past weekend, I set up at a show in Minooka, IL.  It was The Vintage Faire.  You can find out more about it HERE.

I know.  I didn't give everyone advanced notice.

The reason?  I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to do it this month.  If you recall, I had a sick van.  It was almost showtime before the van was out of the shop.

I had a great time, sold a bunch, and, plan to be back next month.

Now, if all goes according to plan, I will be selling at Kane County this coming weekend, August 2nd.

See ya soon.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Weathered Beauties

I fell in love with these vintage lead numbered drawer pulls the moment I discovered them at a garage sale. They were nestled in the back of a drawer.

I love the beautifully weathered surfaces.  I'll be incorporating them into future projects.

Here's a recent project I completed using a salvaged piece of wood, and, vintage weathered hooks.

I transferred this Graphic's Fairy image onto the wood.  No painting on my part. The paint was already there. I just distressed it with some heavy duty sanding.  I cleaned the surface before I transferred the image, and, distressed it a bit more.  Then, I gave it a hand rubbed wax finish.

The vintage hooks were another garage sale find, and, a nice compliment.

I attached hangers on both sides.

I think I'll make a few more of these.

See ya soon.