Friday, November 30, 2012

More Graphics

Since one thing often leads to another with me, as soon as I started using some of my vintage graphics to make Christmas bags, I started going through some of my other ephemera.

Then, pillows happened.

This regal little pillow has a hint of lavender inside.

The image is from my collection of postcards.

This vintage music image is what you see on the pail in the first photo.  I printed it onto canvas as well.  It will become a bag.

There will be lot's graphics at my show, Christmas and otherwise.  I went a little graphics crazy. I'll try to share as much as I can.

Gotta get back to my furniture.

See ya soon.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Joyeux Noel, Cherubs, Etc.

I've been designing.

I used a combo of one of my vintage Eiffel Tower images, vintage wrapping paper I forgot I had, and, I added Joyeux Noel.  I printed it all onto cardstock.

I'll be making signs, and I've already made one of my bags.  I didn't do the tattered thing with this one.  I wanted a neat look.

You'll notice that once I printed the image onto fabric, and dunked it in coffee, it mellowed.

I like it both ways, vibrant, and subdued.

I also created another clay cherub tag.

I've been molding roses,

and slightly distressed hearts.

Okay, seriously.  There is a downside to having too many ideas. I want to make a ton of each, but that's not going to happen.  Do you have a favorite?

I have furniture to finish too. See ya soon.

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Goodie Bags From Scraps

I won't be hanging stockings for Christmas.  I'll be hanging goodie bags made from scrap material........Okay, I may hang stockings too.  For now, I'm working on bags.  Caution, the imperfections are intentional.  I love to beat things up a bit.

I used canvas cloth for these, and used the "Fabric Printing" method for the images.  I only added one handle at the back for hanging.

I used some of my vintage Christmas images.  The bags are about 8x10.  Keeping it simple, I just stitched around the edges, and frayed it a bit.  I wanted a worn, vintage look.  The handles are the hemmed edges of the canvas cloth.  I just cut a section, and stitched it to the bag.

This bag was copied in color.  I didn't stitch this one, I used fusing tape.

I also added a pattern to the back.  It's a copy of vintage wrapping paper.  I dunked the bag in watered down coffee to get the aged look.

Actually, they've all been dunked. I just left "The First Noel" bag in the coffee longer than the others.

You can stuff them with goodies, a floral arrangement, etc.................

I have soooooo many variations to this, and other projects to share.  See ya soon.

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Christmas Mode

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving.  I know I did.  However, down time is over, and I have to go into full Christmas mode.   I'll be working all weekend on items to take to my next show, and to put on Etsy.  I'm starting to play around with little clay crown designs.

I'll have more to share over the weekend.  Gotta get back to work.  See ya soon.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Christmas Bits

What better way to spend my birthday afternoon, than to cruise a resale shop in search of Christmas bits to create with.

I found some beautiful blue beads, and a newer bottle brush tree.

Now, when I saw this little tree with it's multiple branches, I immediately thought mini trees.

So, I clipped individual branches, and did a repeat of one of my ideas last year.  Using crystal knobs as a base for my little trees.

They look great surrounded by my beads.

I also picked up vintage fabric Christmas ribbon.

Love the patterns.

I'll show you some of the other things I picked up soon.  Right now, I'm eating birthday cake.  Watching a movie later.  Have a great Thanksgiving.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

All Is Bright: Sewing Cabinet Makeover and Christmas Lights

All is bright with me right now.  I want to thank some of you for expressing concerns about the possibility of me burning out.  I won't let that happen.  I promise.  As soon as I stopped stressing about finishing my living room, I got the energy to catch up on my orders, redo a sewing cabinet, work on the living room a bit, and start in with Christmas ideas.  The stress was wearing me out more than all the work I have to do.  I'm going to take my time.

See the cabinet?  I think my son thought I was a little crazy to circle the block and grab this curbside find.  Oh yeah, it was bad.

I removed the "one" door, and gutted the metal contraptions inside.  It didn't have a top, so I unearthed one from the garage.  It worked perfectly.

I also added an applique.  You might recognize it.

It's the same design I used for my clay chalkboard tags.

I just didn't put a hole in it.  I glued it on, and painted the entire piece white.  The finish is a watered down mixture of brown and black paint.  I applied it with a brush, and wiped it back.  I did it several times to deepen the color.  It came out a soft grey.  Sorry I forgot to take shots of the sides.  I just painted right over the missing veneer.  It actually looks very artistic.  I'll have to show you in a different post.

Like I said, I'm playing with Christmas ideas.  I purchased a big box of white Christmas lights at an estate sale last year.  I wrapped them around a branch, and stuffed it inside my large glass vase.

I love it.  Looks like ice when it's lit.  Very simple.

That's one corner of the living room done.

Tomorrow is my birthday, and we're going to my brother's house for Thanksgiving.  Another breather.  I don't have to cook.  Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving.

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Business, Tags, Letters, etc.

This post is a mish mash, cause that's how my brain has been lately.  A comment my friend Donna made on my last post struck a cord with me.  She couldn't believe I was redecorating and simplifying in the middle of my busiest season.  Well, I suddenly realized that I couldn't believe it either.

As much as I'd love to just finish the room and show a bunch of pretty pictures, I have to keep the income flowing.  I haven't blogged in four days, basically because I've had to focus on business.  My next show is closing in, I have to stock my Etsy, ship orders, and I have a job to finish for a client.

I am working on the room, but mostly, I'm working with clay, and getting merchandise ready for my show.  I'll be sharing a few redesigns.

I'm also working on new clay designs.  Like these fragmented angel wings,


and rose paperweights.

I think I'll be spelling out Christmas messages at my show with these vintage peel and stick letters.  I forgot I had them stashed away.

I can make a lot of messages, cause......

I have a lot of letters.  I mean,


Clearing out my living room was fun, and easy.

Getting back to it may take a little longer.  Anyone else in business overdrive?