Tuesday, July 25, 2017


We've had some hot and humid days recently, and, if you know me, you know I'm not a hot weather person.  I kinda hibernate in the air conditioning.  However, the last couple days have been cooler, and, beautiful.

So, I've been getting ready for the July Vintage Faire in Minooka, IL.  Click HERE for more info.

I'm also getting ready for a sale.  My garage (aka The Abyss) had become overwhelming again.  I haven't had a sale this year.  IT'S TIME, and, IT'S GOING TO BE HUGE.  I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, July 9, 2017


It was a super beautiful sunny day at the 3 French Hens Market.

There was a huge crowd from start to finish.

I still managed to get a few photos to share.

I sold every single one of the vintage metal bins I shared in my last post.  Folks were buying multiples.  All I did was clean them up, and, add a weathered number to each one.

This beautiful lady purchased one of my favorite finds.  I vintage shawl paired with a laced hanger.  I found the combo at a moving sale.

The collapsible fleur-de-lis plant stand above left a very happy young lady.  You can see her looking back in the next photo.

It was a very successful day, 

and, I'm very grateful. My friend Rhonda did very well also.

Time for a little rest.

Thursday, July 6, 2017


I'll be at the 3 French Hens French Country Market in Morris, IL this Saturday.

I'll be bringing lots of ornate trays, frames, and, decorative items, along with a bunch of vintage metal bins I recently picked up at a sale.

I spotted two of these bins at a sale.  They had nails in them.  I asked if I could just buy the bins.  The lady said yes, and, asked me if I'd be interested in the rest she had stored in the attic.  YES.

These are great for storage, as planters, etc.

Looking forward to seeing my regulars, and, meeting new customers at the market.

Click HERE for more info.