Saturday, March 31, 2012

Packing Up

I'm packing up for my show this weekend at Kane County.

I'll be in the main building, aka, The Robinson Building.  Click HERE for times and info.  Last month, some of you had trouble finding me.

In addition to everything I've given you a peek at, HERE,

and HERE,

I'll be taking a lot more.

I'm serious,

and it doesn't end here.  Don't worry, hubby will be with me.  So, if you're planning to come out and see me, just look for the tired chick with the cute hat.  I'll try to get some pics for you.  See ya soon.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Featuring, YOU

I'm not showing my work today, I'm showing YOURS.

One thing I have been meaning to do for quite a while, is give a shout out to some of you who have used a technique you saw here, and so graciously linked back to my blog.  I have been quite impressed with the results.  As I approach my one year anniversary of blogging,  I have decided to add,  "Featuring, YOU" posts.  If you've used my techniques, and mentioned me with a link back in your post, let me know. Honestly, I've lost track of some, and can't remember who, or when.  Email me your link, and I'll take a peek. You may be featured next.  I have a few to show you today.  These ladies rocked the "Old World Finish".

Carol at The Polka Dot Closet.  Carol is really working it.

Deborah Lynn at Green Willow Pond.  Beautiful tray.

 Sue at Uniquely Chic.  Nice job on the frame.

Lorraine  at MissFlibbertigibbet.  Lorraine has been aware of gesso for a long time, but gave me a shout out for showing it's versatility, and boosting it's popularity.  Love this angel lamp.

Let's give these talented ladies a hand, and pay them a visit.

I love to inspire, but I'm also inspired by you.

So, have you used the  Old World FinishSplendid TransferGesso?  Did you mention me on your blog?  Am I aware of it?  I enjoy seeing your interpretations, and would love to feature your work.

Letters, Marble, etc.

Beautiful day today.  I worked outside, and took a few quick shots to share.

I seemed to be in letter mode today.  After painted the picnic basket, I decided to add a little something extra.

This Paris sign started as a piece of wood I picked up at a garage sale.

I attached an ornate fragment, and gave it multiple layers of white paint/gesso.  Next, I stenciled "Paris", distressed it a little, and gave it a wash of watered down black paint.

The marble top iron table you see did not start out life this way.  I've had the old base for a while.  I liked the rusty finish, so I sealed it.  The vintage marble came from an estate sale.  I was giddy when I saw that it was a perfect fit.

I'll have more to share before the weekend.  See ya soon.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A to Z Table

I've been showing you piles of stuff on top of this table, but not the table itself.

The before.

You really can't tell here, but this is one of those thin, sprayed on factory finishes, with the little black specks in it.  So, it had to go.  I applied a grey base coat, followed by layers and layers of white paint, and texture.  I then stenciled the alphabet in dark grey, and did some distressing.

So, that's what it looks like, when you subtract this.

Still painting, and organizing like crazy for my upcoming show.  See ya soon.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

More Studio Pics

It rained pretty much all day today, so I was back in the studio.  Thought I'd share more pics.

All week, I've been painting, and figuring out what I'm taking to my show next weekend.  Some of my garden from my last post is going, furniture, and a lot of decorative things.  I have a ton of vintage bottles, and rosaries I purchased at various garage and estate sales.  They look beautiful together.

The three bottles are sitting on another stand I made with wood, and vintage hooks as feet.  You can review the first one I did here.  I then unified it with layers of gesso and paint.  The piece with the dolphin heads is a lamp part I painted, and repurposed as a candle stand.

I just got the little girl fountain.  She's a cutie.

This is another of my peat pot designs.  I attached a cardboard applique, and followed with layers of gesso.  The nest gives it a nice spring feel.

Vintage satin rose pins.

This spoon with the enamel birds is another of my fave pieces.

More repurposed lamp parts.  They really do make great candle stands, and decorative sculpture.

Layers of paint and gesso unify ornate frames.

I have so much more to get to.  I'll be sharing.  See ya soon.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

GIVEAWAY #7 Winner

Once again, a sincere thank you to all who followed, participated, and shared this giveaway.  If you haven't won one of my giveaways yet, stay tuned.  April will mark one year of blogging for me.  I'm going to celebrate with more giveaways, and a few surprises.

Here is the winner of GIVEAWAY #7

The winner of my vignette,


Entry No. 181

Pamela @ Pennsylvania French

Congratulations, Pamela. Email me with the address you would like your package sent to. I will ship it ASAP.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Garden, and Distractions

This was one of those mish mash days, where I had a hard time focusing on one thing.  I'm having a lot of those lately.  So, wanna see what one of those days is like for me.  I started working outside.  Cleaning, organizing, and playing with my garden type stuff.

Remember when I said you don't have to worry about me running out of "stuff"?

This cement squirrel was a greenish color, I've had him inside, outside, almost sold him, changed my mind, left him outside, and decided to make him grey today.

These two cement pieces have quite a few layers on them, and, I'm not quite finished.

I was waiting for something to dry, when I went into the garage.  That's usually when the distractions happen.  I found this chandelier shaped air freshener in one of my boxes while looking for something else.  The scent is long gone, but it's chandelier shaped for crying out loud.  So, I kept it.

Hey, I bet I could make a cute little piece of art with that.  I grabbed a miscellaneous piece of wood,

sprayed it silver, put the little chandie down on it, and did an over spray with black.

Instant art.

Hey, didn't I have another one of those?  Yep, in the same box.

I see more little pieces of art coming.  Um... what was I doing?  Oh yeah, garden stuff.

Maybe later.  What's that behind those boxes in the back of the garage?  Paintings.

Forgot I had this one.

To frame, or not to frame.

What else is lurking in there?

When did I buy these?  Curtain tiebacks.  Hmmmm, may make nice hat stands.

Did you know I dabbled in abstract art?  Yes, I do.  Here's one I painted last year.  Very monochromatic.

What's that underneath?

Oh yeah, I purchased this chalkboard art at a garage sale last year.  Meant to frame it.  What am I going to do with that black piece of molding?  The crackled panel?

Need to do something with these.

Garden?  Nope, starting to rain.  Maybe I'll focus tomorrow.  See ya soon.

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