Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Old World Birdie

In my last post, I showed you how I altered a glittery dollar store ornament.  Well, I altered another one.  I used the homemade paint and gesso recipes from the FARRAGOZ course.

Just to review, here is where I started.

You can still see hints of the gold.  Layered on top, is a shade of grey, followed by gesso.

This brand new ornament is sporting a little "Old World" flavor now.

So, if you don't like a finish, change it.  That's my motto.

See ya soon.

For more info on the Farragoz course, click HERE.

This is not a paid post.  FARRAGOZ has enrolled me in their course to give an honest review.  All opinions are my own.  My decision to become a FARRAGOZ affiliate, , was based on my impression of the course.  As an affiliate, I receive compensation only if their is an enrollment through my site.


  1. Beautiful, Rosemary. Your transformations are my favorite things to see!

  2. *Gulp*

    Um, dear Rosemary - you going to list that incredible birdie?

    You know how much I loooooove birdies and that one is simply wowalicious!

  3. Lovely bird but of course I love everything you do.

  4. So pretty, Rosemary. I love the bits of gold peeking through.

  5. Your bird and frame are beautiful! I signed up for the course and I am still waiting for my paint supplies and then watch out...LOL. I can't hardly wait to create something even remotely this pretty!

  6. I like the little bit of gold showing through
    very pretty and artsy fartsy of course

  7. Rosemary - you are just amazing. Your ability to transform something glittery and gold into something old and worn is awesome! I just love how the gesso "pulls away" from the bird itself revealing the textures beneath. So cool! :)

    xoxo laurie

  8. Love the patina on the bird. I want to thank you for introducing me to Farragoz - I am slowly progressing through the modules and enjoying it so much. I hope to spend more time with it after the holidays. I have a bunch of projects lined up.

  9. Very beautiful, your transformations are fabulous!

  10. Love the transformation! As always, another beautiful creation!! I am seriously considering this course! Blessings!

  11. Wow, what an amazing look you gave that sweet bird Rosemary. I love it!

  12. Oh wow, that's phenomenal!!! What a difference! I must've missed your last post so I'm going to check it out now:)

  13. Rosemary, you just continue to amaze me over and over again!


  14. What cute idea. I love to find things to make them pretty. This would be a great idea to add to one of my classes that I teach to diyer's. Would you mind if I shared on my blog of your idea.

  15. This is such a GORGEOUS paint finish! I LOVE it!


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