Thursday, November 27, 2014


Whether you are with family, missing loved ones, feeling lonely, etc., I send you a warm hug, and, prayers.

Monday, November 24, 2014

I Needed The Rest

I've been curling up on the couch, and, sleeping a lot these past few days.  I REALLY needed the rest.

As soon as I completed the last day of my show, it all hit me.  I was officially exhausted.

So, lots of doing nothing for a few days was in order.

However, I thought I would stop doing nothing, and, share a few pics.

I'm grateful for customers, old, and, new, who came out to shop.

My friend Rhonda, and, I did well.  However, we both found ourselves drained.

My days on the couch helped tremendously.

I will be focusing on appointments, custom pieces, and, my Etsy for the rest of the year.  No more shows till 2015.

I can also get back to a somewhat normal blogging routine.

See ya soon. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Chippy Hearts, Crowns, and, More

I'm going to have lots of unique metal items at the Hunt and Gather Market in Crown Point, IN.

I've been cutting, twisting, bending, and, reconfiguring, some of my vintage metal.

Making whimsical iron hearts,

and, funky crowns.

I also have ornate metal angel wings in the making, and, a lot more.

Looking forward to seeing all my local customers, November 20th, and, 21st.

I'm super busy, but, I'll try to share more before the show, and, pics of my booth.

See ya soon.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Unicorns and A Pop Up Market

With all the purging I've done over the last year, you'd think I would have gone through every nook and cranny in The Abyss (aka my garage).

Yet, I came across this vintage wallpaper I purchased at an estate sale years ago.

Yes, I forgot I had it, but, I'm so glad it surfaced.  Look at the snowflakes.

This is just perfect for a few Christmas projects I'm working on.

Oh, yes.  Mark your calendars.   I'll, once again, be a vendor at the Hunt and Gather Market, in Crown Point, IN.

As you can see, it will be on November 20th, and, 21st.  The 21st is my birthday.  So, to all my locals who will be attending, don't forget the cake.

Just kidding.  Sorta.

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Just a note to let you all know that the Special Discount on the FARRAGOZ online painting course has been extended till November 15th.

You still have time to take advantage of the reduced price.  A one time payment of $99 for the 12 month course. The regular one time payment is $150. That's an additional $51 savings for you. There are also two additional discounted easy payment options.

Click HEREand you will be taken to the VILLABARNES SPECIAL DISCOUNT page, for all the details.  Or, just click on he FARRAGOZ banner on my sidebar.

This is not a paid post.  FARRAGOZ has enrolled me in their course to give an honest review.  All opinions are my own.  My decision to become a FARRAGOZ affiliate, and extend this discounted offer, was based on my impression of the course.