Monday, December 15, 2014

An Angel Gets Wings

As you know, I've been making angel wings.

The angel you see here, had no wings.

I decided to use one of the wings I made recently.

I screwed it into the back of my wingless angel.  I also added a hanger.

Layers of paint unifies it.

An angel gets wings.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Metal Angel Wings

I've been going through my stash of salvaged metal.

I seem to be in a metal cutting mood, and, what I've been creating mostly, are angel wings.  I drew a template, and, cut each piece by hand.

The fleur-de-lis embellishments I added are salvaged pieces.  Honestly, I can't remember where I got either of them.  The abyss is endless.

These wings have no embellishment, but, they have a fun pattern.

Oh, yes.  I'm still easing along with my Christmas decor, and, keeping things simple.

A little bit at a time.

See ya soon.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Getting The Christmas Out

I've been getting the Christmas decor out, and, playing with glitter.

The little Christmas sign is a salvaged piece of wood.  I painted it white, stamped on the message, and, gave it a dusting of spray glitter.  The edges are sprinkled with the same glitter I used on the angel wings.

I cut the angel wings out of chipboard, painted them white, and, sprinkled on a bunch of vintage glitter.

I picked up the glitter at an estate sale a long time ago, and, never used it until now. I sealed it with spray.  So, the glitter stays put.

It was hard to capture the true shimmer in these photos.

Honestly, I'm taking my time decorating.  I took this photo of my tree, and, I've already changed it.

No rush, rush.  No hurry, hurry.

I'll be have fun decorating, and, share more photos soon.