Monday, September 3, 2012

Quick Show Shots

Things were moving quick at my show this weekend, so I only had time to take a few quick shots.

Lots of customers.

The upside down piece you saw in my last post had a twin, as I said.  The colors are original.  I just roughed them up a bit.  They went Saturday.

So did most of my winery boxes.

The bakers rack they're sitting on was one of the first things to go.

My nesting tables went along with it.

A ton of vintage brushes found new homes.

Sunday was actually pretty busy too.  A really sweet couple purchased my large concrete statue of Mary.  She was blue when I got her.  I thought a peaceful white was more appropriate.

I gave this table a steel treatment.

I added the label to this galvanized piece, and tossed in a little lavender.

I still have some of these floral prints left.  I have a few ideas.

Didn't have time for a lot more before things got really empty.  Going to crash now. See ya soon.


  1. Sounds like your show was a huge hit, Rosemary! I see so many things that I love, especially the statue of Mary. Now get some well deserved rest:)!

  2. Lots of really neat things Rosemary. Loved the twin consoles and the nesting tables.

  3. Hi Rosemary!

    So happy you did so well. Are those nesting tables gone? I love them.

    Hope by the time you read this post that you are well rested.

    One of these days, WE WILL meet!

    Mary Anne ox

  4. gOOD fOr YOU ! ! Sounds like it was a huge success and lots of hard work.
    Rest up, need you to post again soon.

  5. Wow! Such gorgeous items. You do such pretty work.

  6. Your treasures are big hits each show I'm sure. You know how to make them extra special.


  7. Congrats on another great show! I sounds like you had a very successful weekend! Love the finish on those new tables from the other day! Roughing them up gave them just the personality they needed! Don't you just love those easy projects? Everything looks so beautiful and I'm glad that the Virgin Mary statue found a home - she's gorgeous! Have a nice rest - you earned it! xoxo, Leena

  8. I love when you do show posts. Almost makes me feel like I got to go! Sounds like you sold a lot. I am not surprised!

  9. What a weekend you've had. I'm so happy to hear that so many of your beautiful treasures went to happy new homes.

  10. I'm glad the show was a success...the little metal table is gorgeous! I can see why the nesting tables sold, I would have snapped those up had I been there!

    Hope you got some good sleep in after this!


  11. I am so happy your sale went well..
    so many beautiful items you created, so I'm not surprised folks
    scooped them up.

  12. YOu are doing great Rosemary! I love seeing your action shopper shot!! I took some yesterday at my opening weekend and hope to blog today...

  13. You got quite a few pictures, Rosemary! Love seeing how you've displayed things. I knew those tables were going to go quick because I would have snapped them up!

  14. Sounds like a great show! Your items sold were gorgeous.

  15. Rosemary,
    What a show!!! I knew you would be selling like crazy! I bet you hardly had to load back up!

  16. Awesome! I knew you were going to do well!! You always have such gorgeous things to show!!

  17. Congratulations on a successful show!

  18. Looks like another really great market I had to miss yet again-- : [
    The pair of demi-lune commodes are fABulous--wish they were mine!


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