Friday, September 7, 2012

Champagne Anyone?

What is it with me and alcohol related redesigns lately?  I don't even drink.

First my wine boxes, and now my champagne tote.

I almost forgot to take a before of this tote, I was so anxious to get at it.

The tote got a base coat of black, and a wash of watered down white gesso, with lots of drips.  I designed the champagne label with an old cherub image and the word "Champagne" in a script font.

I decoupaged the label to the tote, and let it dry.  I then went over it with watered down black paint, and distressed it.  A little sealer, and I'm done.


  1. Rosemary,
    Hmmm you don't drink and your themes involve drinking.You must be watching the debates LOL!
    Beautiful tote!Your transformations are always beautiful!

  2. I love the black and the washed over appearance. Very nice, as always!!

  3. How very clever Rosemary, I love your pretty labels. I don't think beer would have the same feel...I'd stick to wine and champagne too.

  4. love this...I'm still in awe of your wine crafts, too.

  5. I love wooden totes, and this one is a beauty! I'm relieved to know that you won't be "doing" beer!:)

  6. The tote transformation is so wonderful. As always gorgeous work.


  7. Even if you don't drink, I love wine and champagne crates. They always have such lovely designs. Beatiful image too, Rosemary.

  8. What? No kegerator? LOL! I love this piece, especially the drunken cherubs LOL! Really nice finish with the black and gesso! Your pieces are always so fun and creative! Hugs, Leena

  9. Another great transformation Rosemary! I don't drink either but I sure do love all the accessories that come with it...demijohns, wine crates, etc. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Gail

  10. Love it Rosemary!

    Wow and wow is all I can say after I look at each piece that you create. Oh how I wish I lived near you!


  11. Love it! So vintage and rustic looking. Great job! Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a sweet note about the corn on the cob tip. Hope you have a great weekend!

  12. Rosemary...beautiful Champagne tote..I love how you distressed it to look like a truly worn label...So very pretty!!!...Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Maybe you have a thirst that just isn't quenched?


  14. Hmmmmm....I don't think anything beer related would quite as fabulous, Rosemary! lol!

    xoox laurie

  15. I think it looks fabulous.. I also dont drink but have been thinking about making over an old cabinet into a bar unit. :)

    I'm writing youan email cause I have a question.. I hope it doesnt go to your spam folder...thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


  16. Somehow "beer" wouldn't get you the same effect... LOL! But who am I to say?! Job well done on the tote! Will that be heading to Kane County next month?

  17. That tote is fabulous Rosemary. I really have a thing for vintage totes. I haven't found any in my neck of the woods. The finish and label are so beautiful together.


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