Friday, September 21, 2012

Keeping The Original

Let me just start this post by responding to a comment I received regarding the wedding book in my last post.  There seemed to be an assumption that I would rip it apart, and make pretty little things with the original images.  I WOULDN'T DO THAT. I've been dealing in antiques for many years, as most of you know.  The images you see in my redesigns are copies of vintage prints.  Mostly from my 1800's collection. I keep the original intact, and reproduce the images. The exception would be vintage wallpaper, or pages from non-valuable books.

See the french page in the background of this piece I just finished?  It's a copy (because I needed the lettering to be a certain size),

and as you well know, so is the rose image I transferred to the glass.

This is one of the items I will be taking to The Arboretum of South Barrington this Sunday.

Sorry I haven't been able to do as much linking, visiting, tutorials, and such lately. I really needed to focus these past couple weeks. Hunting, gathering, filling orders, getting ready for the show, etc.  I had a lot to accomplish in a short amount of time, and major projects on the horizon.  I should have some degree of normal (whatever that is) next week.  Love ya.


  1. What a gorgeous frame... and the artwork complements it (and vice versa!) so nicely!


  2. Beautiful, Rosemary! Love the frame!...hugs...Debbie

  3. Hi Rosemary, sorry you had to explain your art and how you create it. Anyone who knows you would right away know how talented, you are and how well you cherish and respect antique art ephemera to know that you would not ,damage it unless it was already a damaged piece. Your work is amazing and love how you tie it all together layering it with writings from vintage pages making it a perfect marriage of ephemera art.

    Thank you my dear friend for all you encourage with my art and designs. I have said this time and time again, would it not be so fun if we lived close by so we could spend a day with paint brushes in hand and the friendship of sharing talents :)

    See you soon,

  4. Love this beautiful frame and what you did with it. Hope you have a wonderful day on Sunday and sell tons of your gorgeous treasures.

  5. Everything is so pretty :) It is a great idea to copy the artwork.

  6. That is so pretty and romantic looking, Rosemary! I've got quite a bit already for my market, so I need to start focusing on making things for my Etsy again now. It's hard to balance the two!

  7. my comment yesterday...I didn't mean to offend and I'm truly sorry if it made you feel you needed to explain your intentions. The first time I found a Victorian scrapbook I had no idea what it was or it's value. I only meant to pass along a heads up from one antiques lover to another. Again, I'm sorry if it didn't come across in the spirit it was intended.

  8. So pretty Rosemary! Stay warm it is windy and chilly out there!Have a great weekend!

  9. Rosemary,

    Love the frame, beautiful. I never thought you would do anything to the book.


  10. I just adore this faded technique that you're using, Rosemary! So very unique and just beautiful! I LOVE my little aqua faded rose bottle, too! It found a home in my boho bathroom on the windowsill. :)

    xoxo laurie

  11. Beautiful piece! Wish we could make it to the Arboretum tomorrow to see your talents for ourselves. We did however mention it to lots of new customers today. Hopefully you will have a good crowd!

  12. Remember the book is yours to do with whatever you want...I love your booth pictures and you are always inspiring.


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