Friday, June 10, 2011

The Kane Story

Before I unleash the multitude of redesigns I'm currently finishing up, I thought I would share the Kane Story from last weekend.

First of all, quite a few items I'd intended for Kane were gone by Friday. Normally, I try to temper selling the week leading up to a show. However, with the impending heat wave, I decided to focus on smaller, portable pieces. So, away went.......

This pair of arm chairs.

The Cherub Chest

An oversized ottoman.

Along with more furniture, frames, lamps and artwork.

I'm actually happy I did these presales, because, it was so insanely hot and humid on Saturday that I could barely form a sentence, much less move more than a few items with any size. All day long I struggled to stay vertical as I experienced a mirage of voices, water bottles, and sweaty attire floating in and out of my booth.

Can you tell I'm not a hot weather person?

Maintaining focus to take photos was a challenge as well. Which explains why half the shots I managed to take were completely out of focus like my brain that day. You won't be seeing them, but here are a few.

This concrete fountain is probably the one thing I had second thoughts about selling. It was a beauty, but it went to one of my favorite buyers.

A few more shots.

This oak table with the old crackled paint was one of the first things to sell.

Smaller items were my biggest sellers.

All you aqua lovers would have had fun in my friend Jonathan's booth. Jonathan is the owner of Jonathan's Fine Art & Antiques in Burr Oak, IN.

Sara and Wanda of The Perfect Pear always have a cute set-up. They also have a blog you can find on my sidebar.

I appreciate all the brave, dedicated souls who ventured out to see me at Kane. Love ya.

Check back later today or tomorrow for more redesigns, and recent finds. See ya.


  1. lovin' today's temps!!!

    oh and everything you do!
    the shed is packed for tomorrow!

  2. Wow, you certainly are busy!!!

    I LOVE that fountain!!!

    You have such beautiful things!!

    Thank you so very much for commenting on my blog :)

  3. I can't believe the CRAZY weather we're having! 97 degrees one day and 52 degrees the next! I just sent your blog link to my friend who gets to Kane way more than me -- we're SO going to try to make it next month! She's in the process of redecorating her kitchen with a vintage/country french look. She's going to love your blog!

  4. It's a good thing for my pocketbook that I don't live anywhere near you Rosemary! I'd be your best customer for sure! *winks* Vanna

  5. I totally agree with Vanna. I would be super broke if I lived near you. You have great things. Thanks sooooo much for sharing.

    Paula @ Ivy & Elephants


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