Monday, June 27, 2011

Fave Find

I've been diligently working on my stash of furniture today. Until the reveal, I wanted to share my favorite weekend find.

I love this plaque. At least plaque is what I saw when I spotted it on the ground at a local flea market.

Now, obviously this was the top of a table. Apparently, everyone who saw it before I got there, saw a top without a table. I saw a plaque with a table fragment that needed to be removed.  Of course I'll find a use for the fragment later.

I paid $10.00 for it. I love the carved detail and the partially stripped finish. I'm going to leave it as is.

A few more finds.

This just makes me smile.

I have a thing for rust.

The tables will be getting a makeover. I'm keeping the detail on top, just not the way you see it here.

Yuck. Complete overhaul. Great potential.

Check back to see what I've been working on, and my vision for the tables.

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  1. need frames!!!

    oooo-ey gooo-ey frames!

  2. I would kill to find that "Plaque"! You're not alone, I wouldn't have seen it as a table, either! Thanks for linking up to Club G.W. with Charm Bracelet Diva.


  3. That Plague is Fabulous! I can't wait to see the Transformation on the tables.....

  4. ooooooooo! those tables are fabulous!!!! Love the legs! Thanks for stopping in!

  5. Be still my heart!! Looking forward to seeing the miracles you work, especially with those tables!

  6. That table top/plaque is AWESOME! Love your other finds, particularly the tables, cannot wait to see what you do with them!



  7. OMG, that table top is gorgeous, and what great treasures you found.... can't wait to see them after you transform them. I know they will be beautiful!!!
    Hugs~~ Daphne

  8. Rosemary, you know how to shop! Wish I could go with you!

  9. I love that plaque! Great find!

  10. You found a stained glass window just like I am looking for!!! You lucky duck. Gotta know what you paid for it, cause the pricing seems all over the map everywhere I go.

    The plaque at 10 bucks is an awesome steal. Wow. You got some great great things here.

  11. OMGosh the stuff you find....I just can't believe it!! Love it all and those tables...I just know they will shine when you get done!

  12. I'd say you have the "hunt" genes coursing through your veins!

    I love everything you find!

  13. WOW you find great stuff! I'm loving the window and tables.

  14. OMG Rosemary! That "plaque" is amazing!! If you ever sell it think of me ok? *winks* The rest of your finds are wonderful too but that plaque....I can't believe nobody picked it up in the first 30 seconds!! Vanna

  15. Oh, I want to go shopping with YOU! I love your plaque-that-needs-some-table-removed. Great vision!

  16. Wow, That plaque is fabulous and $10.00! What a deal. Love all the tables.

  17. Great plaque, Rosemary! Great price, too! Love the tables you found also. Those will be fun to do!

  18. The plaque is gorgeous...well done.

  19. I love it all, the window I'd hand in my house, the plaque, oh my. You have a good eye for the stuff.
    Your newest follower.
    Pop in for a visit sometime,

  20. Rosemary, you did it again! You bring such beautiful things every week. I can't believe anyone walked away from that $10.00 tabletop, it's amazing!
    I know you are going to WOW us with your projects.
    Thanks for linking to THT.

  21. Oh wow - some neat stuff here. Love that plaque too. Can't wait to see all the finished furniture.

  22. I am in love with those tables the ones with the fancy legs and the ones witht the craving under the top I can see them looking fabulous painted with annie Slaon paint, Not that I can do it LOL

    I will be watching for their outcome

    great finds


  23. Such cool stuff I can't wait to see what you do with it!

    :) Michelle

  24. Wow you really found some great stuff. Congrats & can't wait for the makeovers!

  25. That plaque is gorgeous! What a special and unique find.

    You do great work. I'm a new follower. :)

  26. LOVE the plaque which is what I would have seen too! lol AWESOME! I also love rust and can't wait to see what you do to those tables! Just found your blog! LOVE it!!

    I am your newest follower and I will be back!!

    Lou Cinda ;)

  27. How happy am I to have found your blog... :-) I am supposed to be cleaning right now, but had to take a break to visit Bloggyville.... so I don't have time to hop up and run to Goodwill on a hunt today... DARN it all.. Love your technique and will be doing something with it for sure. Thanks so much for sharing. It's just yummy.

    Warm blessings,


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