Friday, December 4, 2015


I'm packing for my last show of the year.  The Chesterton, IN, Mistletoe Market, takes place December 5, from 9-3.

Looking forward to seeing my locals.


I'll try to get a ton of photos.


  1. Wish I could be there and touch all your creations

    have a great sale girl

  2. Have Fun Rosemary. I know you love this show. I hope you sell so many of your beautiful treasures. How far is that from your house? Just curious.

  3. Mistletoe Market how delightful it sounds! Rosemary I'd be there if I could to give you kisses for the joy you have brought into my life through your beautiful creations. But atlas distance means I can only send wishes for a very successful market mon Amie.

  4. I love the name Mistletoe Market, it really feels like a winter holiday event.
    I am most certain you will blow all the visitors away with your wreaths, crowns, and all your treasures.
    So wish like every other blogger that I too lived close enough to shop my heart-out :)
    See you when you get back my dear, and will want to hear all about it...will love a Christmas home tour as well.

    See you soon Rosemary :)

    Un Joyeux Noël


  5. Mistletoe even sounds wonderful. Wish you all the best with your lovely creations. Safe journey's. Best ~ Mickie


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