Monday, November 30, 2015


Okay, here we go.  I'm getting ready for one last show this year.

With all the Etsy action the last few weeks, I'm a little behind pulling things together for the show.  It's a good thing I work well under pressure.

I'll be at the Chesterton, IN, Mistletoe Market, this Saturday, December 5th.

The weather is suppose to be decent.  Whoooooo Hooooooo.

I'll share more photos soon.


  1. Rosemary I will be there in my heart and until we meet in person I always have etsy, Have a great show. I know if you are bringing your paper wreaths and trees and those tinsel wreaths you will sell out quickly.
    Signed one of your biggest fans!


  2. I know you will sell out with all your gorgeous creations

    signed another one of your sweet fans LOL

  3. There are so many shows i wish i could attend with all the lovely creative bloggers out there That creatively create and plan for. Yours included Rosemary.
    You will do fabulous with all your creative pieces, I know with having one of your paper wreaths I see the work that goes into pieces you create that shows the love and quality in how you design, and buyers won't be able to resist.

    Have a blessed weekend my dear.



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