Friday, December 11, 2015


After a very busy past few weeks, I'm just now getting started on my Christmas decorating.

The beautiful gems you see above were a $1 (Yes, one dollar for ALL) thrift store find.  I've already started incorporating them into one of my two small trees.

I hardly ever decorate a tree, and, leave it alone.  So, I'm not really done with this one.

However, I have started.  Which is a lot, because, I still feel like I'm in recoup mode after my last show.  It's been a tiring year.

While decorating, I'll also be working on somewhat of an, end of the year, changing things up, planning new things in 2016, sale on Etsy this weekend.

See ya soon.


  1. Your festive finds are fantastic.

    xoxoxo Paula

  2. Aaawwweeee!!! How pretty. And what a score lady. Thinking I live in the wrong part of the country. I only read about scores that this. Sigh..
    Hugs, Gee

    1. I wished you lived nearby, Gee. We could have a shopping trip.

  3. What a find Rosemary and I'm loving the unique green color added to your tree.

  4. There is nothing more fun and fulfilling than finding a great bargain like you did in a thrift shop.
    I have had a few thrilling moments and hope to again tomorrow as I go up in northern Missouri thrift shopping.
    I like that color of green I have one that color in an old shiny brite I call it chartreuse
    I don't have all my Christmas pretties out yet
    Sorry you are so tired after all your shows but think of it like this you made a lot of gals very happy with the treasures they purchased from you

  5. Rosemary,
    what a great find and sweet deal! I love that shade of green! Like you, it seems I'm always tweaking my tree which is one of my favorite things! The ornaments will look lovely in your Christmas décor!

  6. That shade of green make my heart sing, Rosemary. I have 2 antique ornaments from my great-grandmother that are just that shade. You my dear, made the find of a lifetime. As a comment above mentioned she thought she needed to live in a different place...I KNOW I need to live ina different place! What I wouldn't do for a flea market or a thrift shop....


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