Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How To Repurpose Lamp Parts

A couple years ago, I shared how much I love using lamp parts for candle stands, and other things.

After finishing these next three pieces, I thought I'd revisit a few projects from the past. My newer followers probably haven't seen some of these.

I still have lots of these parts stashed. 

I gave the two smaller pieces here my "Old World" finish.  If you're new, and not familiar with this finish, click HERE for the tutorial.  The larger piece was painted white, and antiqued with brown wax.

I pick up broken lamps, chandeliers, etc., all the time, just to get the ornate metal bases, and sections.  Most of them are perfect for votive candles, and pillars.  I go for pieces with nice details.

This next piece is the twin of the center piece above.  I gave it a white wash, flipped it upside down, and used it as a vase.  You can review the post HERE.

Lamp parts make great containers for dried hydrangeas too.  I used an alabaster lamp section for this next piece. Click HERE for the original post.

Some of you may remember this figural candle stand I made from various lamp parts.  Check out how I did it HERE.

How do you like this next one?  It's one of my favorites.

You can see how I configured it HERE.

So, not only can you find crowns in lamp parts (like I shared HERE),

but, you can find a candle stand, or vase as well.


  1. Love, love these. You have so many wonderful ideas. xoxo

  2. ...soooo inspiring, thanks for sharing your wonderful pieces, I want them all...Mel:)x

  3. Those are beautiful!
    I always love to visit your site for wonderful ideas.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  4. Wow Rosemary these are beautiful! Love how you repurposed these and they look authentically old....<3

  5. You find some of the best light fixtures to repurpose, Rosemary! These are all beautiful projects. I love the candleholders. You've got such a great eye to see what each piece can become!

  6. I love old lamp parts, I found one at a thrift store and it looks like a crown. Your pieces are simply gorgeous.

  7. What a fantastic ides. I love what you created. I am going to think about this the next I want get rid of a lamp or find parts!


  8. I love them all! Thanks for the inspiration and the nudge I need to go through my lamp parts.

  9. What a fabulous idea! Those are so beautiful. Lately, I have been buying ornate candle sticks from Goodwill and painting them to fit into my home. I have seen some nice ornate lamps at several GWs but didn't have any use for them until now! I will try this on at least two. I love watching television at night by candlelight.

  10. Love this post! Wish I had seen it before my trip to the reuse it store today. Beautiful!

  11. always such an inspiration! i'm doing my first ever "show" this fall and have learned SO much from you! will share more later....

  12. Hi Rosemary,
    I love all of these every one is beautiful. Love that you repurpose the lamps into new treasures. Gorgeous.

  13. You are so creative, I loved each and everyone. So many great ideals! Thanks for stopping by and your wonderful comment. I can't wait to see the finished clock.

  14. This is what I love about reading blogs; getting the idea to look at something different than I would normally look at it. I have never thought about taking a lamp apart to make, well... parts!

  15. This is what I love about your blog! I learn to see things differently. I absolutely must start noticing the details on items and other ways they can be used. Your imagination is wonderful!

  16. You are so clever --I have thought of you as the Queen of finishes but you are also the Queen of recycling. You do gorgeous work!


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