Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sprucing The Studio

The garage (Sorry, The Abyss) isn't the only area I've been working on lately.

My little studio, which is actually the mud room (backroom, whatever you want to call it...) was being neglected as well.  Sad, sad, sad, SAD.

Well, I had my sons clear it out for me, so I could figure out something fresh to do with it.

I decided to get "Artsy".  I'm using damask wallpaper (I have a LOT of vintage wallpaper)  as a backdrop. It's only attached at the top and bottom with double-sided tape.

See the tape in the lower left?  I left the edges loose, and imperfect.  I didn't want this to look like a perfectly wallpapered wall.  I'm being artsy, remember?  I nailed a few tacks here and there to hang frames, art, or whatever.

Notice the funky shag throw rugs?  I'm planning to repaint the floor.  Or, maybe not.  The shag is actually growing on me.

The hanging basket is another find from the sale I mentioned a couple posts ago.  I love the weathered paint.

Another find at the same sale, was this chippy iron shelf.  It's on the other side of the room.

No, the two black carriers, and drawer didn't come with it.  I added those.

The carriers were from a different garage sale.  I spotted them a block away, and couldn't figure out why someone hadn't snatched them up.  They were a great price, and the sale was almost over.

The drawer was a cast-off I had lying around.  I gave it a coat of white paint, and added the decorative paper.


  1. Dang!
    Hey, how about coming over to my place and "sprucing" it up?

  2. Rosemary . . .
    Thanks for Your Sweet Comment !
    We All have the Same Taste . . .
    only You're More Talented !!


  3. Love your creative touch Rosemary!I love the idea if tapeing or tacking that wallpaper!Love that metal rack too!

  4. Artsy is excellent and one that reflects your fabulous style. That wallpaper with imperfect hanging is my favorite. It will be fun to recapture and enjoy your creative space. Blessings...

  5. Loving it, Rosemary!

    See? One thing leads to another - and it is ALL GOOD change!

    Happy for you!

  6. It all looks great, Rosemary! I love the damask wallpaper, and the drawer that you lined is beautiful!

  7. You have such a unique style, Rosemary! I absolutely love the damask wallpaper! I wonder if I could find some like that now? Thanks for sharing your mudroom makeover! Blessings from Bama!

  8. I think it looks great so far, Rosemary! I love that wallpaper. Good idea to do a temporary attachment to the wall with it. Love that iron hanging basket. I would have snatched up those wooden boxes, too. Great idea for the drawer. You've got lots of storage on that shelf piece.

  9. The wallpaper looks so good and I think taping it was a great idea:) I love your name for the garage...the Abyss lol. To me, it would be more like a treasure trove!!!

  10. Love the idea of the old wallpaper and just taping it up. It has a much less formal look like this and you'll be happy you did it this way if you ever get tired of it. That hanging basket is wonderful.

  11. Rosemary, I wish I had you living near me to help me treasure hunt! I love the rack you creative! That beautifully decorated drawer next to the black boxes is such so eye catching...just fabulous! I would have passed right by that rack, thinking there was nothing in the world that could ever be done with it. If I could have 1/10 of your creativity and vision, who knows what I might accomplish. :)
    The studio? Your method of hanging the paper is perfect...looks like just the thing you would do. Enjoy!

  12. Taping the wallpaper was a great idea - I love the look and the idea of not being totally committed to one wallpaper. How fun it would be to change up the wallpaper each season.

  13. Love it, Rosemary! I would love to find a shelf unit like that, and your idea to tape the wallpaper up is genius. Perfect for someone like me who likes to change things {too} often.

  14. well just too cute, as always. =)

    thanks for such cute ideas in decorating too.

    be blessed

  15. Looks beautiful! I wish my sprucing efforts looked like that. I've been trying to get rid of soooooo much stuff lately but it seems to multiple when I'm not looking. Garage sale in the near future for sure. =)


  16. What a fun space! Love the touches that you've added so far! :)

  17. Love the "shabby chic-ness" in small doses like you've done. I'd say you really scored some great buys at garage sales!

  18. Beautiful! Have a great time creating beautiful things in there! Catherine

  19. Love your idea of taping the wall paper!! and all your shabby pretties.....


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