Friday, June 28, 2013

Selling This Weekend

This weekend, I'll be selling from my studio, and garage.

I may have things out on the lawn, during dry periods.

If you're local (Illinois/Indiana) and you want to drop by, send me an email.  If you're not, I wish I could fly you in.

I only had time for a few quick shots.  I'm still digging things out.

From pretty and shiny, to rustic and chippy.

I have lots of organizing to do tonight.

For those of you already planning to drop by, see you tomorrow.

Again, if you need info, send me a regular email.  During one of my last sales, I had an inquiry in my comment section from a local reader.  However, I couldn't respond to it, because, it was a No-Reply Comment.


  1. Good luck, Rosemary!!

    You should do quite well with your sales!

    Wish I could be there for it!!!!!

  2. Rosemary, know it will be a success, your treasures look fab. Good thing it's so far away. Have a great day.

  3. I just love seeing your treasures that others can get. I do wish I lived closer. You have such good taste in what you pick out. I have recently taken a booth at our largest antique mall and I am going to start paying better attention to you. You have been steadfast, that's what I like about your style.
    I just love the chippy trays. Kathy

  4. I wish I were close enough to come. I love everything you do. I'm sure you will have great success!!

  5. I want to come! I want that chandelier! :::stomping feet and pouting::: Have a wonderful sale Rosemary!! Hugs, Leena

  6. Okay, fly me in Rosemary!!! Wow, I would be all over that chandelier and the winged statue!

  7. Lovely! I wish you could fly me in too! Best of luck and I hope you have a great 4th.


  8. Good luck Sweetie. Pity you are so far away.. I see a few pieces I would luv to get my hot little hands on. The chandelier, the frames, the hutch top....
    Maybe it is a good thing you are not near ... hahahhaa..
    You will do wonderfully!

  9. Wow==what beautiful things! I really love the finish you did on that chandelier--that will sell fast. It looks amazing!

  10. Rosemary! I so wish I lived near you! Attending one of your sales would be pure enchantment for me. Your creations are beyond beautiful!!

  11. Are you selling on Sunday also? I just read this -- we had planned to go to the Randolph St. Market but decided otherwise and I was wishing for a good 'shopping' experience!

  12. Wish I was there! Hope it's a great weekend for you.


  13. Sigh! I wish I lived closer!


  14. OOHH!! I wish I lived closer. hmmmm
    You have such lovely one of a kind things. Love em!

  15. jealous of the lucky shoppers at your sale

    love seeing your homemade treasures

  16. Hi!!

    Have you ever thought of moving to Vancouver, BC? That way you would be really close to me and I would be able to dive into all you treasures with you!!

    I love the dirt brown frame in the picture with the face of the woman.

    Have a great weekend!!!


  17. Busy bee as always Rosemary. I really love that pillow.

  18. Hope it was a great weekend for you! So many beautiful pieces!

  19. Where do we sign up for the plane ticket? I all! LOL
    you'll sell everything I bet!
    wish I could be there!

  20. Rosemary, I hope you had a successful weekend! Wish I lived close enough to drop by.

  21. I am certain you had a great sale, just by seeing those beautiful things!!

  22. Where is my plane ticket!!! I wish you could fly me in. That first pic with the mirror and chandelier had me swooning!! Fabulous stuff, I wish you well.


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