Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Images, Script, and A Little Bling

What would you do with an illustration from the 1700's?

Well, if you think like I do, you decoupage a copy onto a vintage pail.  This was a quickie project.

The pail had great patina, as you can see, but, it needed something.

The copy is on tissue, and I left a few wrinkles.  I love imperfections, remember?

I know quite a few of you already know about printing on tissue, but, I keep getting emails asking me to elaborate.  So, here we go.

When I copy onto wrapping tissue, I use a transparency sheet (8-1/2" x 11").  I've also used peel and stick paper, photo paper, etc.  I spray the sheet with stencil adhesive (so the tissue can be adjusted, and removed easily).  After it dries a bit, I attach the tissue to the sheet.  Getting the tissue really flat takes some practice.  After it's attached, trim the edges of the tissue to fit the sheet.  Place the sheet in the printer, and print.  You have to be very careful when removing the tissue from the sheet.  It can tear very easily.  Decoupaging takes a gentle hand as well.

I was really happy at how flat I got the tissue on this frenchy box.  After antiquing, and sealing, it looked and felt more like a transfer.

I used tissue on this scripted drawer.  I also added a little bling.

Speaking of images, I've decided to start selling digital downloads of some of my vintage ephemera. You can find the downloads I've done so far HERE.

We're having a rainy week here.  My lilacs have left the building, but, my roses are blooming.

See ya soon.


  1. Your work is outstanding, and that is awesome you are selling the printables, yay.

    I wish I were more crafty- or at least more courageous to try things.

  2. It is rainy and stormy around here too.What a beautiful graphic looks pretty on that old bucket.I love the imperfections <3

  3. Wow! I love how that looks! You were able to give that plain bucket so much personality with that technique. Looks pretty with the flowers in it.

  4. Love your bucket. I must have a dozen lying around. I may have to try this. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Perfect Pail with this vintage image. Your style is lovely dear...

  6. That bucket turned out very nice--thanks for sharing your technique!

  7. Always a fun little something something. I really love this Rosemary.

  8. What a beautiful image, Rosemary! I love the way it looks on the pail. I tried to do printing on tissue paper recently, but I know I didn't put it through right and it got stuck. I got too afraid that I was going to mess the printer up that I haven't tried it again.

  9. Oooooooh, stunning! I love working with tissue paper too now. Once I got through the trauma of having it rip through my printer, I'm good! C'mon over to my blog when you have a chance; I'm having a giveaway!


  10. you have the touch

    your bucket is fabulous

  11. Just lovely. I love how you think out of the box.

  12. Rosemary another beautiful work of art. I love the pail. The drawers are adorable too. Your graphics are beautiful.

  13. Rosemary, When I saw the bucket it looked like you had added fabric. I recognized the picture from your etsy store because I am one of those people who check it several times a day. You are a genius. Have you ever had your IQ tested because I feel you are far above the genius level? Love you!

  14. Hi Rosemary, I promptly bought all the downloads. Thanks so much for making them available in your Etsy shop. I cannot buy any of your other delightful items because shipping to SA is not available and I think it would cost too much anyway, so I am happy that I can buy the downloads!:)

    Hope you will make many more available!


  15. These are really great projects and I have always loved using tissue paper for projects but never the way you explained. Will be giving it a try -- I love the way it looks like a transfer!

  16. Wow! It looks like it was born that way, like it's been there for years. Thanks for sharing your creative process.

  17. Rosemary, only YOU could come up with doing something so beautifully creative with a 1700's illustration! Your pail is a thing of beauty.

  18. The tissue transfers turn out so beautifully! Love the bling too! Hugs, Leena

  19. The graphic looks beautiful on the bucket! You're so talented and I love that do instructional posts too...although I prefer just to order from your shop, Lord knows what my attempts would look like!

  20. Saw this yesterday Rosemary, and didn't have chance to comment but does the word LOVE work for the late response. I can't get enough of this bucket.


  21. Hi Rosemary, I will leave this project up to the pro-(you) my dear. I would love to make something using your techniques but do I dare take on one more project creatively, YIKES!!

    Really love the box as I have told you this before but as for that grey patina and the print on the bucket it sreams beauty in the most rustic of jardin treasures.

    I have a friend who does this on old bottles as you have, love the outcome as well.

    Rosemary thank you for your visit,I so look forward to your beautiful ness in a visit to me.

    A beautiful weekend to you one that inspirers June to follow.

    Lots of love

  22. Interesting -- On my long list of things to try.


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