Friday, May 10, 2013

Not Really Resting

After my show, I was suppose to get some rest.  Although I've taken a little blog break, I'm not exactly resting.  I've been trying to get some things organized around the house.  However, that's relaxing to me.  My recent garage sale, followed by my show, left things in disarray.

Someone actually tried to buy the "Garage Sale" sign I painted at my recent sale.  I didn't want to sell it. I'm contemplating hanging it on my living room wall.  Yes, I would do that.

The weather has been pretty nice here this week, so, in addition to cleaning and organizing, I've been working outside.  You see the two large peat pots in the forefront?  I stained them a charcoal grey.

They're sitting on a wicker settee my husband picked up curbside.  I like the weathered look as soon as I saw it,


the cushion was hiding a secret.

Hmmmmmm. I'm not sure what I want to do with it, if anything.  It looks cute just sitting outside with pots on it.

I've been going through my ephemera these past few days as well.  Amazing how much I forget about, till I start going through it all.

I was lucky enough to come across enough salvage metal to start working on multiple crowns with the same design.

I'll probably be adding a fleur-de-lis to these.

So, I'm sorta resting.  One thing is for sure.  I'm much happier focusing on a little organization.

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  1. You put me to shame when you call that resting, lady!

    Loving your trash to treasure wicker, and think it is neat as a potted plant stand lol.

    Glad you are organizing, been doing a bit myself but whew I tucker out fast these days. Getting older is for the birds.

  2. It all sounds good to me, Rosemary! A find like that piece of wicker would have me wishing I had a backyard again. It might look pretty cool planted up - somehow.

  3. I should be resting too but I am not.Too much to do.I finally got out in my garden and I need to finish some things inside too.I will rest on Mothers day :-)
    Happy Mothers day to you!

  4. One, I love that wicker sofa, curbside service, you lucky dog, you. Second, love,love those papers! Again lucky you. Do try to get some rest but I understand...I am following suit and painting my sweet table and chairs for a breakfast outside for mothers day. You have a great mothers day, my friend. Di@Cottage-wishes

  5. Yes Rosemary I agree putting us to shame LOL You are a busy girl I will say that. I love love all of your items as usual never tired of looking at your fabulousness. Have a blessed Mother's day


  6. Cool settee even though the seat rotted. I finally got some yard work done yesterday, but need to go buy some flowers.
    Happy weekend!

  7. I see rotted wicker like that from time to time and never really do anything great with it. Once it is rotting like that, it's a challenge.

    Rest...important. Enjoy!

  8. I Love your Resting.... I'd like to see that Garage Sale sign hanging on your wall~
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  9. Rosemary, I love just looking at your photographs, not to mention the awesome, beautiful things you make. I have a question. . .at what point do you decide to part with some of your treasures? I would want to keep everything!

  10. I like the look of that wicker loveseat. I would get a piece of plywood cut to fit the seat and then paint it to match. Add a seat cushion on top of it and you're done! It may not work for actual sturdy or even comfortable seating, but it would look like it is. LOL!


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