Monday, August 8, 2011


Just a quick post to let you all know how things went at Kane County. Sorry, I hardly took any photos. Thanks to all who came out to see me. There were lots of SOLD tags.

Honestly, I could have sold these figural andirons a dozen times over. They were one of the first things to sell, so I don't have a shot of them in my booth. I took this pic before they were packed up.

A very happy customer will be using the cherub urn in her bathroom to hold towels.

A different customer purchased the marble top, and will also be using it in her bathroom, to hold makeup.

I came home with three pieces of furniture, and random small items. Very happy and grateful.

OK, I'm exhausted. I have lots of finds and redesigns to share this week. See ya soon.


  1. congrats. im glad it went so well for you.

  2. I'm not surprised! So happy it went well for you...get some rest!

  3. Hi Rosemary, Congrats on a successful show! You have beautiful things so I am not surprised that almost everything sold.

  4. Good for you! You find the most awesome pieces. Love the way you paint them too!

  5. So glad to have met you at the flea market. You had gorgeous things! Glad it was a success!

  6. Congrats on your great success! Sorry I missed you. I was hoping to get out to your event, but this summer has been filled with family. We were at the in-laws for my mother-in-laws birthday this past weekend. Maybe I can make it for your next one? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the marble top end table. You do some amazing work. Congrats again and rest up! Can't wait to see your new post! Kellie

  7. Wow...congrats Rosemary! You always have beautiful pieces so I can understand how you sold everything. How wonderful!

  8. I have not been there for years, as it is so far. I am glad there is still fun and nice things. last time I went there were socks and silk flowers, yuck. Please pop by my blog this week for a free give away. Thanks, Richard at My Old Historic house.

  9. Congrats on a great sale, you deserve it!


  10. I'm so happy for you Rosemary, after all of your hard work you deserve it! not to mention that your stuff is to die for. Rest up now.

  11. too cool on a great show and lots of reading about all your fabulous finds and how you've redesigned them..they look so pretty with your help..

  12. What lovely pieces you have on your blog! Thanks for taking the time and leaving a comment on my blog:

  13. Oh I would have scooped up that marble top for sure! It is gorgeous!
    What a lucky lady.

  14. Not a bit surprised Rosemary! Those andirons were fab! Vanna

  15. Your things are gorgous so I am not one bit surprised to hear it mostly all sold.

  16. Sadly, I didn't make it around to see you - I miss just shopping Kane!!

  17. I just found your blog today, and LOVE your stuff! Congratulations on a great show, I wish I lived closer ... I can't wait to have time to go through all your old posts :-)

  18. Hi Rosemary!
    Thank you for your beautiful visit and comment you left me!
    I am so enjoying our new inspiring friendship.

    I can see why they all sold so well for you, The hard work in finishing them is a big selling point for your peices, not to mentiom the pieces that are hard finds with all the detailing work to them!! You have beautiful pieces, I so wish we lived closer to each other I would have so much fun checking out your treasures!

    Have a great week, by the way where is your shop space at!


  19. You have amazing I'm not surprised you came home pretty empty handed. So wish I lived closer.

  20. All of your items were just beautiful no wonder they sold so well
    I have alwyas wanted to go to Kane County flea market. It's about 10 hours from me



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