Saturday, May 19, 2012

You Never Know

The last day of my impromptu garage sale is over.  It's been a blast, and interesting.  Lot's of shabby items sold, to VERY happy customers. Household, tools, action figures, and little bit of everything else walked away. Yippee.

I started with miscellaneous items the first day.  Lots of excess sold.  The second day, I decided to mix in some of my bigger items.  Interestingly enough, I met a fellow dealer who just happened to be driving by.  Guess what sold?

Yep, it's gone. Today, I met gentleman who told me he was opening a shop.  Oh, yeah.  Several miscellaneous tables, and some small items went.  He was thrilled, I was sick of looking at them. You just never know what to expect with an impromptu garage sale.  I'm glad I had this one.

We're heading to our local flea market tomorrow morning.  I'll be selling what's left over, and hunting for fresh merchandise for my upcoming shows.  I'll also be redesigning the pieces I decided not to put in the sale.  Of course, I'll share the transformations.

Okay, I'm toast.  See ya soon.


  1. Sounds like it was profitable for everyone! I'm pooped too -- we finished painting the 'vintage travel' theme room-to-be; tilled the garden, planted the garden and now heading out for yogurt. A good day!

  2. I never have that kind of luck when I'm just driving by!

  3. You must be exhausted, Rosemary! Please make sure you take a break so you don't get sick. I'm so glad you sold some furniture pieces. I could see that one large mirrored piece being used as a cash out piece. Glad you had a successful sale these past few days. I'm looking forward to seeing what you transform now!

  4. What could be better than big sales and new contacts! The mirrored piece was lovely and I'm not surprised someone snapped it up. ~ Maureen

  5. Hi Rosemary,
    Good for you!
    There is nothing better than a good old fashioned Spring cleaning.
    Enjoy the day today!
    All the Best,

  6. Sounds like it was an opportunity you grabbed with both hands. I'm in awe of everything you do and impressed by how hard you work (how do you ever get time to blog?).

    I'm serious, when do you get your own show? I love your stuff!

  7. I've missed some of my favorite posts while I was on vacation. I would have loved to come to your garage sale. I'm sure everyone was walking away with hug smiles!

    Hope you are having a great week.
    the French Hutch


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