Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Silhouette Project

I may have had too much rest yesterday.  After my little post, I curled up on the couch, read magazines, and watched television.  Then, I curled up in bed, watched television, and took a nap.  Then, I curled up on the couch again.  Okay, I'm refreshed.  So, the project I finished yesterday, is this horse silhouette.

Last week, I picked up these tin animals at a resale shop.

I actually had a pig and cow as well, but I sold them.  I kept the horse and rooster.  I have quite a few projects planned with them.

I cut a piece of wood to fit an ornate framed I painted white.  I wanted lots of texture and pattern, so I used a piece of wood with an interesting gain.  I used  light coats of  spray paint to cover the board.  I wanted the horse black, so that was my first coat.

This is the same technique I used with the chandelier image in my "Garden and Distractions" post.

I laid the horse down in the center of the board, and did a spray of white over it. The image used has to be as flat as possible, and you need to spray directly over it. Next, I framed it.

I've done the same thing with birds, etc.  The technique is simple, but there are many, many variations.  I'll share a few soon. 

While I rested yesterday, tons of redesign ideas swirled in my head.  I'm working on a few today.  See ya soon.

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  1. You must be really dizzy with all the swirling that's going on on your head :) Love the silhouette can't wait to see what you post next!

  2. You know, your project made me think, and realize that a gal could make a silhouette out of any number of things huh? The trick would be the black paint. I'm looking around now at unusual items, but maybe a nap first.


  3. Rosemary,
    Love this idea.I think I missed this the first time around.Looks amazing.

  4. You always find the most amazing frames for your projects! And you get so many things done. I'm glad your shows were a success. The only thing I saw missing from your activities was something yummy to eat or drink! What's a little retreat without something tasty?
    Always enjoy your creations...

  5. Rosemary...this is beautiful...I have seen so many equine decor, especially artwork in homes lately..I love that image...something that would fit in any decor...
    Glad you got some rest...your creative juices are obviously flowing very well !!!....

  6. I love it! the frame is beautiful and that is a great technique.

  7. Very creative reinvention of the horse purchase.

  8. Super cute Rosemary!! I love the chandy one too. Glad you took some time out for a little R&R yesterday!!

  9. You are one talented lady...I guess I say that every time I show up at your blog! The horse is stunning, your ideas are always great! Thank you for the compliments on my den...coming from you, wow! Have a nice evening sweetie.

  10. You needed all that rest. The horse is charming Rosemary.

  11. Hi Rosemary,

    Rest is the best! I can see you have been dreaming up more wonderful ideas. My ideas come while I'm sleeping. If I dream it I will make it :)


  12. It spans styles...farm, vintage, equestrian, primitive... very cute!

  13. Great Blog....just popped in and I love it. Your latest projects are awesome. Happy Spring from Houston, TX

  14. Glad you rested up, seems like you really needed that extra rest~ Love, Love, Love that horse... what a fun idea!

  15. You should rest more often so you can create more beautiful stuff like this...Christine

  16. Great technique/idea. It looks beautiful


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