Saturday, October 24, 2015


We'll they aren't literally flying, but, they have been going out the door this past week.

I've been packing both large, and, small wreaths.

I'm so very grateful to all my Etsy, and, local customers.  Thank you for your support.

This wreath is on it's way to fellow blogger, repeat customer, and, friend, Vera.  Vera has an amazing blog called Row Homes and Cobblestones.  Check it out HERE.

Adding more to the shop this weekend, including this larger heart wreath.

I created the bow with salvaged metal. Lots of bending.

I got rustic with this little one.

I'll be adding other items to the shop as well.

See ya soon.

Sunday, October 18, 2015


In my last post, I told you how I wish I'd made more book page wreaths, because each one I took to my last show sold.  Well, I'm a little wreath happy right now.

I've made more heart shaped wreaths.  I've already sold a couple on Etsy.

I'm also making round wreaths, and, adding a bit of age and color.

Various sizes, and, colors.

Having fun on this chilly weekend.

They're all available in my Etsy shop.  If you miss one, I'm working on more.

Saturday, October 17, 2015


This bug has been bugging me for weeks.  However, I worked through it to finish my last 3 French Hens Market.

I sold a bunch, and, I'm so very grateful for all my regulars, and, new friends.  I nearly sold out.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a lot of photos.

You see that little heart shaped bookpage wreath I made in this next photo?

I wish I'd made dozens of them.  I am, however, making some for Etsy.  I'll be listing creations, and, vintage bits all weekend.

I'm finally starting to feel better.  Inside works sounds fabulous.

Monday, October 5, 2015


As my last outdoor market of the year approaches, I'm working on redesigning a few things.

I'm turning old enamel pans and salvaged iron into frenchy magnetic boards.

I don't have a before pic, but, they were just plain.

This next one was the top of an old stand.  I left the worn, rusty finish.

I created the shield magnets from salvaged metal.

You can see some of my other cut metal creations HERE, and, HERE.

I'm also working on ornaments, like these little birdies, and angel wings.

Looking forward to seeing my regulars, and, new faces at Three French Hens this Saturday, October 10th.

I've been getting lots of requests from my long distance readers about some of my past, and, current designs.  Don't worry, after the show, I plan to go nuts with my Etsy listings.