Monday, July 30, 2012

Frenchy Jewelry Box

I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this little jewelry box as soon as I saw it.

Here it is on the thrift store shelf.  I envisioned something frenchy.

After a couple coats of grey paint on the frame, I decoupaged the drawer fronts with decorative fleur de lis paper.  Actually, the paper is a copy I made of a book cover.

I sealed the entire piece, and replaced the original knobs with numbered metal tacks.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fabric Printing w/Border

After tons of emails asking me to share how I got the image of my radio cards onto fabric, here it is.  

So, how did I turn my radio cards into this,

and this?

There are multiple methods of transferring images to fabric, and I've used MANY over the years, including this one.  I'll probably share a few more, but for now, here's an easy one.

First cut a piece of canvas material, and attached it to peel and stick paper.  It's going to go face down in the printer tray.

This is not a new method of printing on fabric, but I gave it my own twist.  I placed my radio cards face down on the glass.

Then, the decorative background goes face down on top of the cards.

Make a color copy.  This is what you'll get.

Peel the fabric off the paper, and trim the edge to whatever size border you want.

This method may not work with all printers (I used an inkjet), and since I don't know what type of printer you have, use your own discretion.  If you plan to wash your piece, use a fabric guard to avoid fading.  I'll share a few other methods in the future.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

5 Minute Footstool/Storage

The idea was there, and it literally took me about 5 minutes to execute.

I was using this crate to store dvds in.

These feet were hanging out in the abyss, along with other parts.

Let's combine them, shall we.  It just so happens that both were already black.  The crate has a flat finish, and the feet a semi-gloss, but, whatever.  No painting, just gluing and nailing.  I slid a cushion inside one of my vintage pork bellies sacks, and called it a day.  

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Radio Cards and Scraps

I just had to share one more sachet, before I show you my next furniture redesign. My husband thought this was pretty cool.  I'm making a bunch of these.

I purchased these vintage radio cards at an estate sale earlier this year.  Since I've been in sewing mode (escaping the outdoor heat), ideas have been swirling.

I wanted an edge to this sachet.  None of the originals were injured during the making of this sachet.  What you see is a copy of the radio card, and decorative fabric, printed onto canvas material.

I used a grain sack fragment for the back.

I filled it with lavender and hypoallergenic fiberfill.  It makes a cute little pillow too.

Here's another version.

Okay, I'm still getting lots and lots of comments with "No Reply".  Please, please, please refer to my post "No Reply, Noooooo", if you haven't received a reply to your question.  You'll make us both happy.

Oh, and one more thing.  My husband pointed out that I said my next show was this weekend.  I meant to say next weekend.  It's the first weekend in August.  No show this weekend.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I said I wasn't going to whine anymore about the heat, but......WHINE...100 again today, and more of the same tomorrow.  Still, I started a few furniture pieces over the weekend when the temps were a bit cooler.  I just have to finish them off.  Till then, I'll show you a few more little creations.

It all started with the heat. Being cooped up inside, I started playing with my scrap material.  I made pillows, and now I'm making sachets.

I used some of the material I transferred the french book page onto.  At first I was going to make another pillow, but decided to cut the material into smaller pieces, and make lavender sachets.

I added one of my lace flowers to one, and a ribbon flower to the other.  They both have tiny pearls in the center.  I'll be making more of these, cause I have a lot more scraps.

The box they're in was another little creation.  It's an old box I glued a thick strip of lace ribbon to.  I went over the whole thing many, many, times with gesso and paint. It's hard as a rock, and makes for pretty little storage.

I'm getting ready for my show at Kane County the first weekend of August.  I didn't do it in June, or July.  So, I'm going to be pretty busy, but I'll share as much as I can.  For all my blogland buddies I exchanged emails with concerning my health, I do feel better, and promise I won't overdo it this week.  Love ya.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Stir Crazy and More Scraps

Okay, I've had enough rest, I'm feeling better, and I'm tired of whining about the heat. The weather is suppose to be much better the next two days.  In the mean time, I made another pillow using a vintage tea towel scrap, to which I transferred the lettering and Eiffel Tower image using the Splendid Blender. Here it is on my messy bed.

I made another vintage lace flower.  I was asked to do a tutorial on the flower, but it's one of those things I do very quickly, and hadn't thought about breaking it down.  I may have to have my son take pics while I do it, or do a video tute.  It's really not that hard to do.

I transferred a vintage french book page to this grain sack scrap, and decoupaged it on a basket I've had for a while.

Although I've had fun playing with scraps these past few days, I've been going a little stir crazy.  So, I'm taking full advantage of the cooler weather tomorrow, and getting out of here.  Going to see a movie, and working in the abyss a bit.  See ya soon.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dove Body Wash Review and Sweepstakes

Better looking skin?  Yes, please.  I've been told I look good for my age.  However, after more than five decades on this earth (I'll be 53 in November), I've noticed certain "changes" I'm not crazy about.  Losing some elasticity in my skin is one of those "CHANGES".

A few weeks ago, I received a package in the mail.  My husband asked what it was, and I said "swag".  You know, like the goodie bags movie stars get at award shows and such?  Okay, it was Dove's Toning Creme Body Wash, and I was definitely going to give my HONEST opinion about it.  I respect my readers too much to do anything else.  So, here we go.

Dove has a revolutionary line of premium body wash, and I had to see just how revolutionary it was.  I couldn't wait to try it out.  I jumped in the shower right away. First of all, it smells heavenly.  I didn't want to get out of the shower.

Mr. curious (hubby) had to feel my skin when I was done.  "Hey, it does feel smooth", he said.  Hmmm, was he saying it didn't feel smooth before? I have naturally dry skin, and I often use a moisturizer after a shower, but I didn't do it this time, and my skin felt great.   I was told it contained the highest concentration of Nutrium Moisture technology.  I guess that's what did it.  It promised visibly more beautiful skin in just one week.  Wait, I'd only had one shower.  I'll be a goddess in one week. lol   Seriously, there was a noticeable improvement immediately.  Know what else?  After a few days, I took the wash out of the shower to take a quick photo,

forgot, and left it there.  Later that night I hopped in the shower, and realized I'd forgot to put it back.  I was soaking wet, and didn't want to get out, so I used "regular" soap.  Hmmmm, not nearly as much fun, and I didn't have that same, "JUST CAME FROM A SPA" feeling. I think I'm hooked.  It hasn't left the shower since.

Dove has three variants:
NEW Dove® VisibleCare™
Toning Crème Body Wash helps to promote skin's elasticity and strength;

Dove® VisibleCare™
Renewing Crème Body Wash nourishes and replenishes skin;

Dove® VisibleCare™
Softening Crème Body Wash softens skin and dry spots.  I'll have to try all three, I think.

So, here's my humble opinion.  I love it.  I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it.  Hubby loves it too, but that's another story.  I've been using it every day.  It goes a long way, but I'm running low. No problem, my local store stocks it, and it's very affordable.

Why don't you check it out for yourself.  Visit Dove's site,  Make sure your skin looks its best this summer.  It's been a hot summer for most of us. May as well look good while enduring it.  Get out there, and show off your skin.

BUT WAIT  THERE'S MORE  Dove is having an awesome sweepstakes. How would you like a $500 Spafinder gift certificate?  See below for details, and make sure you follow the rules.  Dove has a coupon here for you too.  See ya soon.

Visit Dove® VisibleCare® to get a coupon for $1 off!

Enter to win one of two $500 Spafinder gift certificates!
You may receive (2) total entries by selecting from the following entry methods:
a) Follow this link, and provide your email address and your response to the Promotion prompt
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c) Blog about this promotion, including a disclosure that you are receiving a sweepstakes entry in exchange for writing the blog post, and then visit this link to provide your email address and the URL to that post.
This giveaway is open to US Residents age

18 or older. Winners will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail. Winners will have 72 hours to claim the prize, or an alternative winner will be selected.
The Official Rules are available here.
This sweepstakes runs from 7/18/2012 - 8/22/2012
Be sure to visit the Dove® VisibleCare™ Crème Body Wash brand page on where you can read other bloggers’ reviews and find more chances to win!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Playing With Scraps

We hit 100 degrees as forecast.  Yuck.  Plus, my blood pressure was a little weird today.  So, I hung out inside playing with scraps.  I have lots of fabric and lace fragments.

I made a little pillow with grain sack material.

The rose was made with a lace scrap, and a vintage button.  It makes a nice embellishment.

I found these little baskets at an estate sale.

This is what I did with one of them.

I stamped the lettering and chandelier image on a scrap of fabric, and decoupaged it.  I wanted an old grungy look, so I dry brushed grey on the basket.  I then did a light brushing over the fabric.

Great for a bundle of lavender.

The weather sorta forced me to rest a bit.  Is it hot in your neck of the woods?  We're suppose to have a little relief, then, hot again.  I'm so looking forward to Autumn.  See ya soon.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bead It

You've seen my beaded sap bucket, and beaded bottle.  Now I've beaded a flower pot, and two oval frames.  Beads take really simple objects to that next level.

I also added lace around the top of the flower pot before slathering the whole thing in paint and gesso.

I'm still coming down from my show this past weekend, and horrific heat is in the forecast for tomorrow.  We're suppose to be over 100 degrees again.  Hmmm, what else can I bead....... inside.,, the air conditioning.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Sweat and Sales

Just a few quick photos from my show, before I crash.  It was a warm (hot) sunny day. I drank tons of water, but only had one bathroom break.  Seriously, it all came out in sweat.  I felt like jumping in the fountain.

I intentionally took mostly small portable items, and I'm so glad I did.  They sold well. A very sweet customer was thrilled to get my vintage miniature chest.

My terracotta bust was one of the first things to sell.  The piece she's sitting in went right along with her.

My friend Bea was set up next to me.  She loved her, but someone else got her.  Stop making that face Bea.

On the other side was my friend Joy (Savvycityfarmer).

Of course she had a great display.

Sales were steady all day for me.  I didn't take enough photos, but what else is new?

There were some very creative souls set up.  Look at this chair from Cottage Industries,

and Suzi Schmidt's bejeweled designs.

Hubby and I drove home sweaty, and I'm still thinking I should have jumped in.

Getting some rest now.  See ya soon.