Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hunt and Gather This Week

The Hunt & Gather Market is this coming Friday.

I still have lots of packing, organizing, and finishing to do.

The bottle in the pic below has sold.  However, the vintage ceiling tins are coming with me.

The bottle was a chippy beauty.  She's from the 1930's.  Actually, she's Scarlett O'Hara.  A promotional piece for "Gone With The Wind".

One of my FB friends had to have her. So, I let her go.

No worries.  I still have tons of stuff to bring.

My vintage shopping cart will be there.

So will my shell pink milk glass punch bowl set.

I'll have furniture, ephemera, vintage keys, crystals, architectural pieces, quirky items, collectibles, etc. I'll share more pics before the show.

Only a few days left till showtime. I'd better get back to work.

Looking forward to seeing my locals.


  1. I can see why that bottle sold so quickly, it's exquisite!!!

  2. I would be looking to get that cute cherub/angel, the pretty frame and your book stack, Rosemary! I guess it is better for my budget that I am not nearby. : )

  3. You are a wizard and you can conjure up miracles.

  4. If there is anyone who can hunt and gather it is YOU! I love that vintage shopping cart. VERY cool!!

  5. Lots of great treasures stored up! People are buying it as quickly as you find it!!! Fabulous, best wishes for a great sale.

  6. Yikes that punch bowl set is to die for! So beautiful! Where is this show?

  7. Have a great time--everything looks wonderful!

  8. Love the name - the Pop up show :-) The treasures you are bringing I am sure will put big smiles on the future owners faces. Best of luck Rosemary at the show.


  9. Who ever gets to attend your sale will be a lucky gal or guy just to see and touch your work

    I love that Scarlett O'hara bottle and that old ceiling tile is cool also as everything you have is sooooo cooool

    PINK punch bowl would be wonderful for a baby girl shower or bridal shower , somebody better grab it

  10. I love it all especially that vintage shopping cart...oh the possibilities. Love the name of this show! Have a great time and sell it all.

  11. Rosemary, sorry I am behind on my emails. I hope you had a very successful show and are feeling well after all the activity you have had. Love those ceiling tins and that piece from Gone with the Wind. Soon we will be in t he house and I will get to that mirror I purchased from you, that is one thing I am anxious about for sure.



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