Thursday, April 17, 2014

More Spring Sale Stuff

I'm still going through containers, and, pulling things out for my sale this Friday, and, Saturday.

Lot's of textiles,

more hardware,


vintage books,


I know some of you are planning to drop by.  Looking forward to seeing you.

Remember, if you're local (Illinois/Indiana), and, you'd like to come out, send me an email ( for more info.

Okay, back to work.


  1. Beautiful items. Best wishes for a good sale!
    Rita C at Panoply

  2. You never sit down, do you? Good luck on your sale and have a blessed Easter!



  3. Oh, I wish I were near you! I'd be there for sure! No one ever has these types of beautiful wares around here! Enjoy, and make lots of moo-lah!!

  4. I'd be a real early bird if I lived closer. Have fun with your sale this weekend!!

  5. Your just teasing us who can't attend your sale.( sad face)

    I seen a sampler that looks very interesting and love all the lace tablecloths

  6. Good luck on your sale, so wish I could go, but Georgia at little too far, lol. See lots of things I like.

  7. Such beautiful laces, textiles and hardware Rosemary! All the particular things I love. I could sit and just look at things like that for quite a while. lol. Since the internet has opened up the world to me, I often soooo wish I could just materialize where ever I wanted. I could buy these gorgeous items I see on blogs etc(could never afford all those air flights) and I'd get to meet all the interesting people I only get to email/comment to now.
    Much luck with your sale! :)

  8. Wow beautiful pieces! Too bad I live in Maryland. I was love to own some of those brass items. Either way good luck with your sale.

  9. I only wish that I was closer to in the same country...what treasures you have there.


  10. Wish I lived closer. I would definitely attend your sale. You have all the vintage goodies I love.


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