Saturday, April 12, 2014

Chippy Angel and Another Magnetic Board

The garage, and, estate sales are starting here.  While I scoured the house of an estate sale, hubby spotted this adorable angel in the garage.

After we got her home, I found that one of my handmade crowns was a great fit.

I love her chippy finish.

This little ironstone pitcher was another find.

I'm thoroughly enjoying the warmer weather.  I've been working all day in the abyss (aka, my garage), painting, organizing, redesigning, etc.

Here's another magnetic board I finished.

She has a different feel than the board from my last post.

I gave the frame a weathered grey, and, white finish.

  I'll be turning this piece of jewelry I painted into a magnet for her.

On another note:  Is anyone else having trouble with mail delivery when you leave a comment? My comments are showing up in the comment box, but, apparently blogger is not delivering the comment by email.  I get a delivery failure.  Frustrating.

Oh well.  Lots of projects to work on this weekend.

See ya soon.

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  1. I adore her time-worn chippy finish and your wonderful magnetic board too. I had some problems with comments on my last post. I could see some of the comments under my post, but I never received an email or I received the email hours later.

  2. Rosemary, What a sweet angel and the chippy finish is wonderful. Love the crown too.

  3. I love that sweet angel statue, Rosemary! I probably would have gotten it myself. I have my eye out for a couple of pieces of statuary that I can put in the beds here.

    I haven't gotten some of my comments in my email either. I noticed it mostly yesterday though, so hopefully it is resolved.

  4. That angel is so precious and the crown looks perfect on her!

  5. Your angel is so sweet,Rosemary! What a lucky find, and you didn't even have to refinish her! Yep, same problems here with darn Blogger, ugh! Thanks for your nice comments on my last post, it didn't get delivered to my email, but I've been looking on my blog for comments that didn't go thru, and there you were. Have a great weekend!

  6. Your angel is gorgeous Rosemary! I figured you gave her a treatment. Love the chippy!!

  7. Yep. Same problem here with some comments not being forwarded to my email box. But only some, not all. Weird....

    Love the way that you discover these beautiful chippy treasures and morph them into even more amazingly beautiful treasures, Rosemary! I can imagine that you are quite busy with the warmer temps and all the sales fast approaching! I pray for great success for you this season, sweetie!

    xoxo laurie

  8. You do lovely work! Very pretty!

  9. Love that angel and the crown is perfect on her.
    My emails seem to be going through okay-knock on wood- xo Diana

  10. Beautiful! I love your wallpaper, so elegant.

  11. It was meant to be -- how perfect that the crown looks like it was made for her! I was in my garage working (on a much smaller scale than you I think!) but it was SO nice to be OUTside painting and sanding for a change! No mail delivery problems that I know of for me -- hopefully it's a temporary glitch.

  12. Rosemary you find the best stuff and make it so beautiful. I am finally starting catch up on email, TONS!!!!


  13. Rosemary, I just love your style !!! The crown looks like it was waiting for the angel. Such a great combination.


  14. Hi Rosemary , How beautiful is your angel ! I love it.


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