Friday, March 1, 2013

Magnolia Pearl Ranch and A Giveaway

I was excited when my friend, Anne Lorys asked me to help spread the word about a fantastic giveaway over at, "Fiona and Twig".  Every photo you see here is courtesy of Anne's blog.

Would you like the chance to win one of Magnolia Pearls beautiful creations?  Robin Brown and John Gray of Magnolia Pearl Clothing are selling their ranch, and giving away nearly $2000 in clothing.

I have to share a few photos of their  property.  Is this beautiful, or what?


Love it.



I'm loosing myself here.  Oh yes, the GIVEAWAY.

So, for a chance to win gorgeous clothing,

and finish the tour of this incredible property,

click on this link, Magnolia Pearl Ranch and Giveaway.  It will take you over to Anne's blog, "Fiona and Twig".  Tell Anne, "Rosemary sent me."

Disclaimer:  No, I'm not receiving any compensation for this post.  Just happy to spread the word, AND I'm increasing my chances to win (Insert diabolical laugh).


  1. You are AMAZING, thank you SO much for spreading the word!!!

    Big hugs,

  2. Oh wow--love the the home! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Oh love the Magnolia Pearl line of clothing!
    have been in love with her ranch since I first saw it in Country Living Magazine about 5 or more years ago!
    Beautiful...definitely, dreamy!

  4. OMG I read about it also over on Fiona and Twig,

    I would love to go walk the ranch they are selling just to see it in person, when I heard a few months ago they had moved I couldn't believe it , what could be better than where they already lived?

    I entered also , that first outfit is ME LOL


  5. Total drool is an understaement. Absolutely fantastic.

  6. WOW, like a dream, thanks so much for sharing the lovely photos. I'm just in awe. Enjoy the weekend.

  7. Thanks for sharing this unbelievable place! It must be heaven.

  8. Wow! The clothes are fab and the property is a DREAM! Like living in a film set. (A nice film. With a handsome hero) Thank you for sharing!

  9. Jaw-dropping. I can't even imagine living in such a magnificent place. I'd never leave. Thanks for the heads-up on the give away!

  10. Hi Rosemary, I want the HOME! Where is it located?
    It's all beautiful!

  11. The photo of the lovely bed with the pink bedding was the very first photo I ever pinned. I've got to run right over there...thanks for spreading the news!!


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