Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Decor?

When I decorate for fall, all I really do is rearrange what I have, and add a few extras. If you were to come over right now, this is what you would see outside my front door. It may not be what you would consider typical fall decor, but it's my kind of fall.

If you've followed my blog for any length of time, you'll recognize that iron gate section with the roses. It used to be my header. I picked up the galvanized piece recently at one of my favorite resale shops, and it's holding one of my favorite plants, "autumn joy".

The urn next to it is one of two I found at a garage sale earlier this year.
I almost parted with them, but I'm so glad I didn't. Yes, that's a candle inside. I love candles inside and out.

This is another one of my favorite galvanized buckets. It's much heavier than what I usually see and I love the thick vertical strips.

I have a tall chest in my living room. It's great for storage.

The urn on top was a flea market purchase, and I love the figures.

My bleached mirror is leaning against the wall in back. Yes, that little glow is another candle. I picked up a bunch of these little white pumpkins at my local grocery, and sprinkled them around. You saw some in my "What I Like" post.

The rich colors in this painting remind me of fall.

It's on the other side of my desk, along with one of my wicker covered bottles. Dried roses are another favorite of mine.

Autumn is my favorite time of year. So, when it comes to fall decor, I actually have quite a few things that put me in an autumn mood. Throw in a few white pumpkins, pick a little "autumn joy", and I'm happy.

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  1. I love autumn at your place!
    So beautiful!
    And those white pumpkins are so sweet...I am a fan of the white as well!

    Deborah xo

  2. I love your kind of fall...very elegantly done. The galvanized pails really add a nice touch. Your iron pieces are so wonderful and I am glad you kept that piece with the candle in it as well.


  3. Looks lovely, Rosemary! Thanks for your nice comments on our post. Sorry we will miss you at Kane. Hope to see you soon. xo

  4. Very pretty vignettes! Have a great weekend Rosemary.

  5. Rosemary, it is all beautiful. You really don't need anything else. It's perfect Fall decor:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  6. LoVing all the METAL!*!*! FaB Vignette...
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  7. Love all of your vignettes! I agree anything old and galvanized looks great for Fall. I love candles too. I like how you used them everywhere. Thanks for the tour.

  8. Excellent Rosemary!

    I love your kind of fall the "Autumn Joy" is one of my fall standards as well. Love the galvanized! The candles sure create a relaxing mood...
    Have a great weekend!

    All the Best,

  9. Elegant is the perfect descriptor. Love the dried roses and how super cute are those little pumpkins. I think I am going to grow those next year so I can sprinkle the house with them too. Great ideas.

  10. Wow! Thank you for sharing those wonderful Fall chippiness photos from your beautiful home. I think the white pumpkins and the "Autumn Joy" flowers (have I ever seen those before?) are perfect with your decor.

  11. I love your home Rosemary,
    it's so pretty..and that bleached mirror is that everything is a little chippy and peeling but oh so pretty...
    and fall is my favorite time of year as well... :)

  12. I LOVE your kind of Autumn decor, Rosemary...rustic...romantic...and whites:) Thank you for stopping by my blog for a visit:)!

  13. Every time I see more of your likes, I think, "I have that, I want one of those, those are my favorites, too!" No joke. I have been growing the sedum for years now, transplanted from my mom who transplanted from her mom. I think the drought may have gotten mine this year after 8 years. Well, if it doesn't come back, I'll just start over! Lovely post as always, Rosemary,

  14. Love, love your autumn decor, kind of unusual, love it!
    XXX Ido

  15. I love your fall decor Rosemary. And all the pale-ness of it all.Soooo pretty.....FAA girlfriend! *winks* Vanna

  16. Beautiful vignettes, Rosemary! I love the little white pumpkins against the rough, vintage pieces - gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! Hugs,Leena

  17. Ahhhh, I fell in love with your baby cute & adorable. Beautiful job on your fall introduction.

  18. You should be happy... it is all so beautiful. I love the lovely. Have a great weekend. Bobbie

  19. Looks like you are all ready for the fall season. Your flowers are beautiful. I love the color and the white baby pumpkins look so lovely placed here and there.

    That is a beautiful mirror!


  20. You have such pretty pictures on your blog. And the vignettes you've created are beautiful!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I hope you'll come back soon.

  21. I love the way you decorate for autumn, Rosemary! :) Sweet, simple, and elegant. Sometimes less is more and we don't need any more than that. :)

    xoxo laurie

  22. I love how this turned out! It looks amazing!


  23. How lovely your home looks for Fall. It's elegant, romantic and wonderful!

    I'm delighted you linked this post to Potpourri Friday! I appreciate your participation, Rosemary!

  24. So lovely...and I am with you on using what you have with a bit of rearranging. I did that today with some fall branches. Following you :)

  25. Rosemary I LOVE your kind of fall! Absolutely beautiful! Just became your newest follower:) Martina

  26. Rosemary,
    There are so many ways to interpret fall. I really am loving your softer romantic fall colors and style. Very nice! Thank you for linking it to Home Sweet Home!

  27. hello gorgeous fall images! inspiring! swing by anytime.



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