Thursday, May 5, 2011


"Relating to deep inward feelings rather than to the intellect.."

This is the reaction hubby and I had when we laid our eyes on our latest find. I could not wait to get a few shots of her and share.

I can barely contain myself. I'm still in VISCERAL OVERLOAD!!! She stands 5.5 feet tall, and her wings are 3.5 feet each.

She is molded fiberglass, with layers of beautiful paint and patina.

The ethereal details of her attire are beautiful.

She even looks good without her wings (They can be detached).

This glorious angel makes my heart sing...

I love her...SHE'S A BEAUTY


  1. I love your lady! What a wonderful piece.

  2. Hi Rosemary,
    I have one just like it too....But mine is only 9 inches tall. Hee, hee, hee! What an amazing find. She is one beautiful lady. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  3. oh my heavenly days!!
    heavenly being the key word

  4. I am drooling! Your angel is beautiful!

  5. That's the Greek Goddess of Victory, Nike!

    I used to work at a large shoe company (guess which one) and they have a copy there. When I visited the Louvre in Paris I was surprised to see the real thing. How lucky you are!

  6. this Is a very great treasure you´ve found Rosemary!!!! completely lovely!!!

  7. OMG!!! I am GREEN with envy!! What a beauty she is!! OOOOHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHH!! Vanna


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