Saturday, June 23, 2012

They Sold Fast

As I mentioned in my last post, it's been hot here.  I haven't spent a great deal of time in the garage, other than bringing a few boxes in to go through.  While doing that, I decided to start listing some items on my woefully neglected Etsy shop.  Small items.

Like these vintage ribbon rose pins.  They sold immediately.

I also decided to sell some of my vintage bobbins.

I barely blinked, and all four sets of 10 I listed were gone.  I've decided to part with more.

I also listed a tiny vintage enamel funnel.

Such a cutie.  Gone.

So, I'm going to be busy all weekend, going through boxes, and  listing more small vintage goodies.

I have boxes, and boxes of small items.  Once again, I forgot I had some of them.

I love this "Old Glory" lock.

The best thing about small items, they're easy to ship.  Have a great weekend.


  1. Those flower pins are so pretty. Good luck selling the rest of your little things!

  2. Such beautiful little items Rosemary! Thanks for sharing...

    xo wendy

  3. Wow! I'm sure you must have been pleased, Rosemary. You've been finding some real goodies. I'm going to have to visit your Etsy and see what new stuff you've got. I need to get on doing some things for my own. I've got three things prepped to put together, just need to find the time to hit the sewing machine.

  4. That funnel is so cute!!!!!!!! and the little flowers, sigh, such lovely stuff :)

  5. I can see why those sold fast. They are darling. Those spoons are super cute too. Have a great weekend Rosemary.

  6. well i don't have to tell ya how much i love "petite" things!! those millinery flowers are sweeeeet! Off to check it all out! ;0

  7. That is the sweetest enamel funnel! Of course it would be snapped up right away. ~ Maureen

  8. Congratulations on all of your quick sales. I love the funnel!

  9. Glad that you're having such success with your Etsy shop! I'll have to go check it out.

  10. Love that little enamel funnel Rosemary! I didn't know you HAD an etsy shop. I'll have to check it out.
    Blessings & hugs,

  11. Say goodbye to that tiny little bird spoon Rosemary...I saw it and rushed over to your Etsy shop to buy it! It's so darling:)

  12. your pins are darling, rosemary! and i love the enamel funnel! something tells me the rest of your things will be gone in a flash:)

  13. ah yes!!!
    and small things do not break ...
    you have it made in the shade this week ...

    and speaking of shade ....sigh

  14. Rosemary,
    Those are so pretty.I can see why they went so fast.So glad to hear you are selling so much!

  15. Such lovely finds, Rosemary! (Do you know that is my favorite herb, too:)

    That spoon is my favorite, but I saw in the comments that it is spoken for already:)

    Have a blessed weekend! My new art site is up now if you wanted to come take a look! I made some new free stationery too!

  16. Wow congrats!Well done! I wish I had that kind of turn over at my shops. I added you to my etsy circle today xo

  17. Love those small spools of thread. have more??
    how much are they??


  18. Wow, Rosemary! I'm off to your Etsy store right now. What amazing stuff you've collected.


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