Saturday, June 9, 2012

Glass and Metal Combos

I spent most of my day playing with glass and metal.  Something that has been consuming a lot of my time, are my silvered and grunged bottles. I'm getting lots of inquiries, and orders since posting about them.  It's funny, because I've been altering bottles for a long time. Many years ago, when I took them to "antique shows", no one seemed to get what I was doing.  It took a while, but gradually they got it.  These are a little more artsy than the silvered ones. More grunging, color, and finials.

I have boxes full of finials, and I've sold combos like these to some of my regular clients.

Some of these are from light fixtures, the others from vintage curtain rods.

Given a silvered finish, this one was a great match for one of my bottles.

I've also been receiving inquiries about my lamp part combos. Something else I've done for years.  So, I'm making more. The silver on this one is a base coat.  I haven't decided what color I'm going to finish with.

This combo would make a great candle stand, or plant stand.

You'll remember the combos I've done before.

 "Lamp Parts and Roses".

"Another Combo"

I have more combos to make, and a few furniture pieces near completion. Appointments all weekend.  I'll try to share as much as I can.  See ya soon.

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  1. Love these, Rosemary! Sooooo vintage looking!! :) You are amazing, girl!

    xoxo laurie

  2. I love the glass and metal combos!! Laurie is right - you are amazing!!!

  3. You've done it again! I'll never look at another finial or curtain rod the same ever again!


  4. Hi Rosemary,

    Gorgeous looking bottles!!! The curtain and light fixture parts look amazing on the bottles.


  5. the wee bottle with the angel wing for sale? Love it! Also, I just recently saw (on Pinterest) birdbaths made out of old lamp bases. They were beautiful too! Love your mind! xo wendy

  6. I love those holders you make with the lamp parts, Rosemary! You've got a great eye to find the lamps that you can deconstruct and put together in other ways.

  7. Rosemary,
    Love those bottles with the finials!

  8. You are so clever with those bottles. I never even thought of using old lamp finials as bottle toppers like that. Genius! Makes me take a new look at bottles and finials now. Good luck with everything this weekend!

  9. I love these! What a great way to use odd parts.

    P.S. Would you mind if I Pinned this?

  10. Rosemary,
    I so got it way back then and sooooo get it now! (Bottles)
    I love the iron finials and how old looking they help along the old bottles.

    Many years ago when I discovered the old bottles with artsy toppers on them for shells, to crosses I fell madley in love with them and never had to question what they were or what they were ment to be!
    I loved them for there own art appeal and how they added a bit of mystery and magic to our flea market design style. I guess that was because I am a California native born girl and we seem to get all that crosses our bo-ho chic path in an artsy kind of way.

    keep inspiring your creative beauties, we so get it and we so get you :)

    Lots of inspiring dreams to you my friend.

  11. Rosemary....always stunning. The finials are super yummy.

  12. Gosh, Rosemary, I could live inside your photographs! Maybe like a genie in one of your beautiful bottles. Are the tops removable or glued to the bottle base?

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  13. Your bottles are totally awesome! I've seen a lot of bottle decorated a lot of different ways. I've never seen the toppers like yours. I really like them!

    Take care,

  14. Love how you used the finials in the bottles, just gorgeous and a new "take" on altered bottles!!!

  15. The finials look fantastic in the bottles...another great idea from the "master" .... beautiful!!

  16. Oh Rosemary those bottles are gorgeous! You are teaching me to look at things from a whole different perspective.

  17. Love the finials with your amazing!

  18. Oh oh oh...I really love those bottles...too bad I'm not close enough to head out to the market.

  19. Simply stunning!! I love your creativity! Blessings!

  20. Absolutely gorgeous and kinda sexy even. Love them all.


  21. you just gave me an amazing idea for some...lamp parts that i have here. i had *good* ideas for them, but your inspired one is going to look amazing. :-) thank you. if i blog it, i'll link back.


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