Sunday, August 16, 2020


My customers and locals have been asking.  Are you having a sale this year?   YES. THIS IS IT.  I'm getting the mask and sanitizer ready. Come and get it.  This is just a tiny bit. I'll share more photos soon.

I'm still going through containers and deciding what in the house I'm going to pull out.

This is a purge/downsizing/wanna move to my dream house soon/changing direction/ready to do cartwheels in the garage SALE of SALES.


This will be a 2 day SALE. FRIDAY, August 21st and SATURDAY, August 22nd. The sale will start at 8:00 a.m each day and end at 4:00 p.m.  The location is near the intersection of 171st Street and Burnham Ave., Lansing, IL.  You can't miss it.  Look for the TENTS and tons of stuff.  The garage will be open as well.  Questions?  Email me (


  1. Prolly a very good thing all these years that I haven't lived anywhere near you. ♥

    GRATS on learning you may be moving to your dream house. Now we spend so much time at home - couldn't be happier for you, Rosemary.

    Please stay safe and well, friend.

    Take care.

    Michele / Finch Rest

  2. I missed it !!!!!!!!!!!!!is there anything left ?? LOL
    I haven't been blogging
    Hope you are great and you are moving ???



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