Monday, September 23, 2019


THIS SALE IS POSTPONED UNTIL NEXT WEEK, Friday, Oct 4th, 2019 and Saturday, Oct 5th, 8:00a.m. till 5:00p.m.
Due to the enormous amount of items I need to sort through, clean, organize, etc., I'm giving myself a bit more time to prepare for my sale. I went to a citywide sale of nearly 300 houses this past weekend and acquired more on top of what I already had. I'm cleaning the garage, going through every corner of the house, every box, etc. I don't want to be face down when the sale starts.  Yes, more photos are coming as I get things together.

I'm having my final (FALL) sale at my house next week and this is just the TIP of the iceberg.

After my last sale, my garage (aka the abyss) was on the road to being "somewhat" clearer.  Not so at the moment. 

I have sooooooooooo many boxes and piles to get to.  I'll have prettier pics this weekend and in the days leading up to the sale.  I'm not even sure what I'm going to unearth.  I'll be going through the rafters, attic, and every corner of the house.  This is going to be big.

I'm in Lansing, IL near the corner of Burnham Ave and 171st Street.  Look for the tents.


This will be followed by my FALL and HOLIDAY markets.  I shall be hibernating after that. LOL


  1. OH, if only I still lived in Illinois.....everything looks amazing Rosemary!

  2. Oh, I see so many goodies! But alas, I live in NE.


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