Thursday, June 1, 2017


I'm getting ready for the Kane County Flea Market  in St. Charles, IL this weekend (June 3rd and 4th).

Not a small feat, as I had two root canals last week.  Yes, TWO. It took me a week to start feeling normal again.

We also celebrated my husband, and my youngest son's birthday this week.  Our wedding anniversary is on the 3rd  (the same day as the first day of  Kane County).

Still I managed to hunt down finds, fix, paint, and repurpose tons of stuff.  I already have two stacks of containers packed and a lot more to do.

Looking forward to the weekend, and, collapsing afterward.


  1. Wow as usual you are a busy gal, I know the people at Kane County flea market will be thrilled with your treasures
    I'm going to surprise both of us and drive all way up there sometime to see you

    Darn that dental work I know how that feels(painful)

  2. Hope you feel better by the weekend. Your finds are very nice.

  3. Maybe you should consider taking some time off and get a complete check up. your always talking about your ills...............

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