Thursday, March 23, 2017


Yep, I just had oral surgery, and, I'll be going back for more. I have "interesting" roots according to my dentist.  A molar, and, a wisdom tooth I should have had removed ages ago have roots that decided to curve.  Fun times.

But enough about that.  I'm getting ready for the next Vintage Faire in Minooka, IL this coming Sunday, March 26th.

After taking a couple days to recoup, I feel sooooooo far behind.  I'll try to share more pics later.

Looking forward to seeing my regulars at the faire.  It'll be inside a beautiful banquet hall.


  1. Feel better. I had a molar removed that had roots wrapped around my jawbone. Fun times! It took six weeks to heal after the surgery.

  2. Take very good care of yourself Rosemary. I have oral surgery scheduled for the first and third week of April. I hope Vintage Faire is a fabulous success!

  3. I hope to visit you someday at one of the events you attend. Ouch sorry about the root removable.I went through that a few times
    I know you will be the Star vendor and sell out again. Enjoy


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