Saturday, April 2, 2016


I've decided to have my first sale this coming Friday and Saturday (April 8th and 9th).

There'll be lots of stuff outside, in my studio, and, in the garage (aka The Abyss).

I'll post more pictures throughout the week.

I'm in Lansing, IL, near 171st and Burnham.  Look for the tent.  The sale starts at 8:00am.

I'm looking forward to seeing my regulars.


  1. Oh Rosemary I so wish I could go. Have a fun profitable time.

  2. Good luck Dar-ling I know you will sell a lot

  3. Love that little gold velvet chair, wish I lived closer I would snag that chair up!
    I'm loving yellows and golds these days.
    Have a blessed month. And all that spring inspires.


  4. Well ????? how did the sale go
    I guess you are wore out? and resting I hope

  5. I wish I lived close enough to you to BE your regular! I live in Alabama, but I visit your blog periodically to take a peek at what you are working on. I have gotten a lot of inspiration from you. I don't see anything in that picture that I don't like! You have inspired me to open my eyes when I'm at yard sales to actually SEE what's there...stuff I probably would pass up normally, so I've gotten many things that were inspired by lamp parts for instance, & have sold quite a few of them on Etsy.


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