Tuesday, January 19, 2016

If You Need Me, I'll Be In The Studio

I'm busy.

I gave my studio a fresh coat of paint.  Now, I'm getting to a few projects.

Yes, I'm still in purge mode, so, I'm offering another discount code, through the month of January.

Any purchase of $10 or more will be 20% off.  Go to my Etsy shop, HERE, and use coupon code:VILLASPECIAL5 at checkout.

Well, I need to get back to work.


  1. Bless your little heart
    you are working your fingers to the bones LOL

    I love seeing all your treasured items
    and would love to see you and your things in person sometime
    I have snow and cold cold temperatures tonight in central Missouri/fyi LOL

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  3. Rosemary - I am in purge mode all the time it seems. Your paint looks super fresh and bright. Having your own studio sounds so great!

  4. Hi Rosemary the fresh paint looks pretty, just came back from your store and I'm happy ;-)

  5. Rosemary, you are one "go-getting" woman! Everything is gorgeous! Pace yourself though so you don't get yourself with too many plates in the air. :)

  6. Everything is always as expected here....beautiful!
    I need to paint a bathroom,mand my garage studio, you know what I will be up to this spring cleaning.

    See you soon dear,


  7. Ok we need you to come out of the studio and give us a update

    Janice January 28, 2016


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