Saturday, October 24, 2015


We'll they aren't literally flying, but, they have been going out the door this past week.

I've been packing both large, and, small wreaths.

I'm so very grateful to all my Etsy, and, local customers.  Thank you for your support.

This wreath is on it's way to fellow blogger, repeat customer, and, friend, Vera.  Vera has an amazing blog called Row Homes and Cobblestones.  Check it out HERE.

Adding more to the shop this weekend, including this larger heart wreath.

I created the bow with salvaged metal. Lots of bending.

I got rustic with this little one.

I'll be adding other items to the shop as well.

See ya soon.


  1. Rosemary,
    Your delightfully artistic creations arrived today and I could not be more thrilled. Thank you, these wreaths are totally amazing!

  2. These are any. Heading to your shop to see the different sizes and prices


  3. Rosemary you are tempting me..... I love each and every size and color . Your creation's are a gift, as well are you :)) thank you once again for your kindness, Tammy xo

  4. Rosemary these wreaths are beyond beautiful!! You never cease to amaze me/


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