Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Getting Ready For My Sale

Although there was a storm this morning, and, the humidity is rapidly rising, I'm determined to get as much done as possible before my sale.

I'm working a bit in the garage, and, taking lots of inside hydration breaks.

Everything pictured will be in the sale.  Piles still in the garage.  I'll share more before the sale.

Gotta get back to work.

I'm happy to hear that some of you will be coming out.  The sale will be on, rain or shine.

Friday, and, Saturday, July 17, and, 18, in Lansing, IL.  If you're local, and, you'd like more info, just email me (villabarnes@comcast.net).


  1. One of these, darlin, one of these days!

    Today is Day 16 of rain. We're soaked to the gills and there's mushrooms everywhere.

    I want that table very badly.


  2. Things are looking great! Take plenty of breaks, drink more than you think you can and here's hoping for drier, cooler weather.

  3. After I just left you a little comment, I remembered something I wanted to ask you. It is hot 96 degrees and VERY humid here. I have a couple of half finished projects in the garage that need some painting. Will the paint and adhesion do okay in this weather? THANKS!

    1. Judy, humid conditions aren't the best conditions for painting. The paint may or may not adhere, and, it'll take longer to dry. I'd say, bring the project inside if you can.


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