Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Snow, Creations, and, Questions

I've been inside making these,

because this has been happening outside.

Yep, lots of snow.

So, what better way to spend my days, than creating little pieces of art.

I'm playing around with various weathered, and, rusty paint finishes.

Okay, I want to answer a couple questions I've been asked about my metal creations.

I don't use a machine to cut metal.  I do it all by hand. Sometimes I use tin snips, sometimes I use one of my many vintage industrial scissors.  I always sand the edges smooth.

As far as my finishes go, I experiment, A LOT.  If you're a long time reader, you know I'm a bit of a mad scientist.  Most of my work is artistic, not specific.  I use a little bit of everything, including some of the paint recipes from the Farragoz course.  I may use it alone, or, with some of my own mixtures, and, solutions.

The graphics in this post can be found at The Graphics Fairy.

I transferred the lettering you see, using the blender pen method.  You can find my tutorial HERE.

There are tons of tutorials in cyberspace.  Experiment with a few, and, be a bit of a mad scientist yourself.  Creativity requires some risk, and, the finished product may be a pleasant surprise.

I'll be adding these little creations to my Etsy.


  1. Thanks for the one you sent in my package. I will be purchasing these in a few months, if that is ok??? Budget right now. I told my hubby you cut these by hand. I new you would do these free hand. That's what is amazing!


  2. Well Rosemary your area may be snowed in but your creativity isn't! Just vIsited etsy and picked up a couple of must haves, You rock my snowed in friend!

  3. Everything you do is beautiful! I'm amazed that you get those tin pieces so smooth and perfect by hand.

  4. Rosemary, you are always creating something beautiful. These are absolutely lovely.
    Stay warm!


  5. I guess I could call you a snow bird in your nest creating.
    All your creations are dreamy and we all want them
    Your choice of paints is always right on .
    I am jealous of all your beautiful snow we haven't had more than flakes this year, last year we dug out about 3 times.
    Funny how the weather pattern changes year to year, use to we knew we would get snow, now none
    Well anyway love your art dear

  6. I love these! Good things do come out of a snow storm!

  7. These are just so beautiful Rosemary! You are the queen of painted finishes!! Love!

  8. Beautiful pictures! I especially love the one of the snow since living my entire life here close to the beach, I have NO idea what it would be like to live in snow ;0)

    Take care,

  9. These are all great, Rosemary! I really like all of them. You are so creative and daring to experiment with your finishes. They always turn out wonderfully, too!

  10. Thanks, Rosemary. I forgot about the Splendid Blender pen. I love your petite little creations.

  11. I love the one with a bit of turquoise, but they are all gorgeous!

  12. I love them all, Rosemary! Wow, you are a brave woman cutting all of that metal by hand! I would be so afraid that I'd cut myself!

  13. Really beautiful Rosemary, I know the snow can play havoc in ones daily life with getting around, but to see this beautiful blanket does force one to just stay put and create. Your face plates, shields, and tags of metal are divinly perfect. You have this art down to the finest.

    Love your long shot of the yard filled snow, it looks like quite the snow day.
    See you soon.


  14. Rosemary, I simply love your gorgeous tin and patina creations! So beautiful!
    Tania at FARRAGOZ ~ Online Course in The Art of Patina

  15. BRAVO!!!! You have nailed the look for sure, Rosemary! Gave you a little shout=out on my last post. : - )

    Hugs. ♥

  16. Jennie been following you for a couple years now. Your stuff is so exciting. Wish I lived closer to see it in person!

  17. Well, I've been following your work for a couple of years now! I just love see what new things you create! Jann.

  18. I received my purchase of three of these beauties and I couldn't be more thrilled!

  19. I am an email subscriber.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com


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