Wednesday, October 22, 2014

More Glittery Metal

I'm having lots of fun making these glitter dusted metal ornaments, and, hangers.

I can't tell you how many pieces of salvaged metal I have.  I mean, I "really" can't tell you.

Occasionally, I sell some of my miscellaneous pieces.  However, more often than not, I stare at them until inspiration strikes.

After seeing one of my glittery metal ribbons, one of my FB friends, wanted to know if I could turn them into wreath, or, stocking holders.


I decided to use just one ribbon for the hooks.

Okay, I have more metal to cut, assemble, paint, and, glitter up.  I'm getting requests, I have to list some in my Etsy, and, I have to have some available at my shows next month.

I'd better get back to work.

See ya soon.


  1. So clever- looks like you've done it again, ma'am!

    Well done, Rosemary - they look awesome.

  2. How pretty are they, Rosemary! I love that they look like snowflakes. I would prefer pretty metal snowflakes like these than the real kind!

  3. Oh Rosemary you have topped all your art piece with this creation, well I don't want to play down all,your others creations but these are amazing!
    You could do just the rosettes and drill a hole at the top edge and make old fashioned Nordic style tin ornaments, you my dear are bring vintage Christmas back in all sense of the design.

    I love and adore these and will visit your etsy soon.

    Have you thought of just making ornaments from the rosette design, I would love some.


  4. Oh wow, Rosemary! They are just gorgeous! You have worked your creative magic yet again:) They look like snowflakes!

  5. Hi Rosemary,
    So gorgeous. Love all your beautiful creations.
    Happy Halloween.


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