Sunday, September 21, 2014

Show and Shop Balance

Since I've re-opened by Etsy shop, I remember why it was a tad difficult to keep it stocked, and, prepare for my shows.

Because a good deal of what I sell is hand painted, handmade, redesigned, etc., it's quite time consuming.

Still, I've been trying to find a balance.

The last cherub angel I completed, sold at my last show.  This one will be going in my Etsy.

She'll be accompanied by lots of my numbered clothespins.

They've turned out to be one of my most popular items.

I'm also getting requests for some of my larger salvaged metal crowns. 

I'm almost finished with this one, and, I'm customizing one for a customer.

I was a bit under the weather after my last show.

Now, after much needed rest, I'm feeling better, and, feeling quite busy.

I'm also busy finding balance.  Taking really deep breaths on a regular basis helps.

I'll keep you posted on upcoming shows.

See ya soon.


  1. Wow, you need to hire an assistant!
    I glad things are going so well for you, your items are simply amazing!

  2. I think, Patti, is right - you need an assistant, Rosemary! : ) Glad to hear you are taking it easy and that you have reopened your Etsy. I'm off to browse!

  3. I love your angel! You did a beautiful job painting her!

  4. Glad you are feeling better and more rested. Rosemary!

    Your shop will hop in gearing up for the Christmas shopping season - your wares are to-die-for awesome, as you know - I am one of your biggest fans!

    Blessings to you. LOVE that cross on the Latin - gorgeous!!!!

  5. I completely get it. Finding balance is so difficult at times. My plate is always full and yet I smile and do only what I can do.

    Your art is so beautiful. That angel is absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Rosemary it does not surprise me how well you are doing. Your pieces are always so unique and so beautiful. I love those numbered clothes pins. Those are super sweet.

  7. Take good care Rosemary. I had a friend who was a fabulous painter. His paintings were so intense I swore they had voices. His works of art were very large, the smallest being about 2'x4'. After he completed a painting, he was always exhausted. Creativity is exhausting because it comes from somewhere deep down inside and it cries to be used up in order to gain more. Let yourself have time to refresh and refill.

  8. I think everything you touch turns into a magical item. Will be checking out your etsy store.

  9. I just love that angel--and the crown is really amazing too. Get some rest--your items are gorgeous!

  10. Those clothes pins are just pure genius! And I feel your pain with all of the juggling. You'll find your balance. It's there. =)



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