Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tent/Garage/Studio Sale

After multiple shows, I'm still in super sales mode.  I contemplated another show this weekend, but, decided on having a sale instead.  That's right, July 4th weekend.

My sale will be Thursday, Friday, and, Saturday.  I'll have items under tent, on the lawn, in the driveway, and, the garage.

Super busy getting ready.  I'll try to have more pics for you tomorrow. I have to get the abyss (aka. my garage) far more organized than it is right now.

I'll have a bit of everything.

Vintage locker anyone?

As always, piles of architectural, hardware, crystals, and, ornate metal.

If you're local (I'm in Lansing, IL), and, you'd like more info, send me an email.


  1. How fun! For your shoppers, I mean :) Wish I was closer! Those lockers will surely be gone in no time. I'm sure it will be a wonderful sale, Rosemary!


  2. I am jealous of the people who get to go--have fun!


  3. My daughter has been looking for those lockers for her mud room.
    Of course we are to far away to even think about getting in the car and going on a road trip, darn it

    I would gladly trade any of my estate sale dishes for some of your treasures

    I know you will have a great weekend

  4. Super sales!!!!!!!!!! Did you see my flying through the air. That is what it reminded me of when you said that Rosemary! Love it. Have fun.

  5. SO wish I had seen this earlier! But I'm sure it was a huge success -- hope you enjoyed the holiday a little -- all work and no play LOL

  6. so many wonderful things, I am sure you will do really well, I love love those vintage lockers, those are such a cool item for a mud room...bet they go fast.


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