Saturday, May 17, 2014

Cheese Box Redo and Friends/Customers

If you're a cheese box purist, close your eyes.

Yes, the box above is a cheese box I transformed with clay appliques I made,

and layers of paint.

Now, it's a decorative box that can be used for a multitude of things.

After picking up a bag full of clothespins, I put them in the box to count, and, to organize them.  An idea I got from my friend Sharon, who sells cheese boxes stuffed with clothespins.

Anyway, I liked the way they looked in my newly redesigned box.

My intention was to take it to my next show.  However, my friend Joy, aka Savvy City Farmer, stopped by, and............well, I have to make another one now.

I always love seeing my busy friend. She's also a great customer.

Hmmmmm, after my last sale, with friends/customers like Yolanda of The Junk Fairy

loading up,

and, Joy, I think I need to get back to work on the load for my next show.

Because, most of what you see here, is gone.

The abyss is looking kinda sparse too.

I don't mind. Actually, I'm thrilled. I'm grateful for my friends/customers.  They're confidants, and, they keep me on the hunt.

See ya soon.


  1. I would sure love to be one of the friends/customers that could pop by your place for a little shopping spree! The cheese box looked great in it's new finery.

  2. How fun to see them shopping your goodies! It's so nice to have the support of others who love the same things that you do! Your box looks great!

  3. Oooh, I love how that box turned out and I really love how it looks holding the clothes pins, Rosemary.

  4. How cool, the pins look great. I'm embarrassed to say that I don't know what a cheese box is, but I do love what you've done with it! xoKathleen

  5. Wow- Some amazing things here!!! I really love that cheese box with the clothespins in it. What a clever idea (yours or someone else's-doesn't matter) You put your own spin on it and I love the appliques you make. Wow! xo Diana

  6. Wow your work is just so beautiful Rosemary! I can see why you have so many lovely customers! Have a blessed week!

    Love Kate

  7. REALLY dumb/embarrassing question, Rosemary, but what exactly is a cheese box? (blush)

    Glad you met friends and sold so much, that's awesome - and is exactly the point, n'est-ce pas?


  8. Great job! You are so AMAZING!
    The cheese box is super.

  9. Your box is so beautiful, fantastic job!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  10. That little metal table your friend Yolanda scored is gorgeous!!!

  11. What a great redo of that old cheese box, Rosemary! That is awesome you've sold out of most of your treasures. And even more exciting is to know that friends love and appreciate your wonderful work!!

  12. Joy looks thin ! LOL well anyway the cheese box was wonderful and glad you sold a lot
    Those frames reminds me I have a lot of empty frames that would look great with your special touch on them , I just hung them on my wood fence, because had them at a few sales and no one bought them

  13. If I lived near you...I would clean you out! Your 'stuff' is awesome! Fun post.


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