Friday, March 7, 2014

More Chipping

I LUV how this planter turned out.

I was able to get the, weathered finish I wanted.  I wanted it to look like it had been left out in the yard.

The underside is what it looked like before.

After lots of layering, and, a bit of experimenting with mediums, this is what I got.

I've mentioned that I will be very busy this year.  Conducting a series of workshops will be one of my endeavors.  Participants will be taught multiple ways to achieve weathered, aged, rusty, and, chippy finishes. Tips, tricks, and some of my unorthodox techniques will be a part of the experience. There will be lots of Q and A.

More info to come.


  1. Absolutely lovely ... I would soooooo love to learn this process!!!
    Nice work!
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  2. It looks great, Rosemary! I love the frame, too!

  3. Brilliant. Leaving it outside reminds me of the 1970's-I would leave my jeans on the clothes line for weeks to get the look I wanted. I was ahead of the trends. You are too as always. Thank you for your sweet comment. You should be teaching and writing a book too. xo, olive

  4. I love it! How fun that some students will learn some great techniques from you. They will be blessed!!! xo Diana

  5. OH MY! Rosemary this looks wonderfully vintage...I envy those people who will participate in your workshops!!!

  6. If I didn't live this far away....I'd be at each and every one of your workshops, Rosemary! I sooo want to learn how to create this patina!! Love it!

    xoxo laurie

  7. You need to do an online version!!

  8. OH.MY.GOODNESS!!! Rosemary! You are a genius when it comes to replicating gorgeous old patinas and finishes....I have another suggestion dear friend. Sell your tutorials online (via Etsy or your own shop) with step-by-step photographs and instructions. This is beautiful girl!!! xxoo, Dawn

  9. Your workshops sound awesome! It is so funny you mention wanting something to look like it has been sitting out in the yard--recently I have put a couple pieces out to weather for awhile because I have learned then I can paint them and the paint doesn't stick everywhere. I guess it is like aging the old fashioned way! Lol

  10. Hi Rosemary, it looks gorgeous!!! I can't believe you got that effect from bare wood!!

  11. That turned out beautifully Rosemary! How cool that you're teaching classes:)

  12. Congrats on your workshops! If I lived closer, I would definitely sign up. Love the chippy look. Sadly, I remember years ago turning my nose up at chippy pieces. Now look at me. =)


  13. Beautiful. Love all of your fantastic creations.

  14. The weathered piece looks wonderful! I hope your workshops will be online because I would love to learn from one of the best!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  15. So pretty Rosemary! I agree, having you for a teacher would be learning from one of the best!

  16. I agree with the comment above. On line courses would be fantastic or an Ebook series. Then even those of us far away could learn from you too. Your projects are fantastic.

  17. Just love how your things turn out.
    will it be online class?


  18. Rosemary,
    Very impressive, looks totally convincing. Lucky students to learn from a professional like you. Heading over to check out your fun store.

  19. Hi Rosemary! The chippy finish on the planter is sheer perfection. Would love to know how you achieved it.

    Have you considered doing a series of video tutorials on the way you achieve your various finishes? If you got a professional or semi-professional videographer involved and made sure they were lit well, the sound was good and every steo of the process was clear, you could sell the series on your blog for downloading. I know I'd buy them! I'd love to take your classes, you are THE go-to expert for aged and layered finishes, but I'm in L.A. and cannot get to you! Anyhow, think about it, please?

    Take care,


  20. Please say you will be coming to New England!

  21. oooooohhh i just love your chipping.... i want to do that to but no idea how!!! Love everything you make. You can do so many thingsss

    loveee sanne

  22. Oooo, I would love a workshop with you to learn all your tricks and detailing! I have really enjoyed using your old world techniques, I wish my items looked as yummy as yours, but I will keep at it!


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