Sunday, November 17, 2013

Market Success

The Hunt and Gather Pop Up Market was a one day, six hour event, this past Friday, that brought a flurry of customers. You can find out more about the market HERE.  There will be another in March.

Instead of setting up the night before the market, hubby and I decided to do it all the day of.  So, needless to say, we were working at warp speed.

The doors opened at 2:00 pm, and my rooster flew the coop right away.

Actually, from that point on, I was pretty busy with a constant stream of customers. Lots of items found new homes.

I wish I'd had a hundred violin playing cherubs.  Everyone loved the finish I put on it.

I sold a bunch of burlap.  Whoo Hoooooo.

My crown sold to a deliriously happy customer.

By the end of the show, I just wanted to lay down like my cherub here.

I thought I would get more shots of my booth during the show, but, that didn't happen.  Too busy.

I did however manage to get a few shots of other booths, before, and during the last hour of the show.

This is my friend Yolanda, and her husband Julio.  She has a shop in Hammond, IN, called The Junk Fairy

I love the spot she had in the corner with the exposed brick.

My friend MJ and her husband (Est. 1964) had an awesome display.

I wish I'd had time to take more photos, but, I'm very happy that making sales was the reason I couldn't.  I'm so grateful to all who came out and shopped.

Still in recoup mode.

See ya soon.


  1. Hey Miss Rosemary, I'm so happy you had a very successful day! Had I been around your store I'd have taken everything displayed in your first photo...just gorgeous things and yes, I do adore the White frame, I can see it with a mirror! Very happy to visit you sweetie. Have another great week ahead.

  2. I can only imagine the hard work to set up for a show. I love what I see, sure wish I lived near you.

    Rest up, you deserve it!!

  3. You had some great things for sale, Rosemary! I'm loving that boy with the violin statue.

  4. YAY!! So happy your sales were good, that's great news and sure makes it all worthwhile.

    Congrats to you both!

  5. Good for you on your successful day! Woot-woot!
    Wish I lived in the area so I could have stopped by and bought lots and lots! :-D

    diane @ aug's blog

  6. a labor of love as i well learned this past fall when i did my first show with susan. i can't imagine how you do this regularly! no surprise that you do so well..all of your creations are beyond stunning.

  7. Hi Rosemary! So happy that you had a successful show! Your items look gorgeous, always! Take care! Hugs, Leena

  8. So many pretty things! It is a lot of work, so glad it was a great success!!!

  9. One of these days, I'd love to make it to one of your sales! Everything looks lovely, as always!

  10. Sounds like a real fun and successful day. Love all your goodies. Get some rest!!

  11. Rosemary, it was great seeing you and your husband! Your area looked amazing! To think I followed you to Kane County to admire your work/talent, what a great compliment for Est.1964 to have a booth in the same venue as you! Thanks for a plug on your blog! xoxo

  12. Sounds like a wonderful day. Love all the photos you did get. Now you can rest.

  13. ...wonderful news Rosemary, so glad it all went well but it was a given as your amazing pieces are just way to cool to be left behind, love those picture frames too...Mel:)

  14. What fun! Your booth looks gorgeous--love he dresser with the cherub on top. Your stuff is always gorgeous! I am really loving all the white :)

  15. So glad you were happy with your sales and your creations were gorgeous as usual
    I know who ever bought your items went home dancing with joy

    It always good to have a good day

  16. OH, so many wonderful things! I wish I could've gone and brought home one of those cherubs! :)

  17. Oh I wish I could've gone to your show. I saw so many pretty things for sale! I loved the clear glass bottles that you were selling. I saw one with a crystal knob on top that was beautiful.

  18. Everything you do is so wonderful. I wish I lived closer to you so I could touch everything! BTW, I signed up for the Farragoz class because of you. I won't have time to start on it until after the holidays but I'm so excited!
    Blessings to you Rosemary,

  19. What wonderful items for sale there. Eye-catching displays. Congrats on a successful day.

  20. I am glad things were a success. Love the crowns!


  21. Glad you had such a great show, those cherubs are GORGEOUS!!!!


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