Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Variety of Finds and Redesigns

I've been redesigning, and doing a little hunting.  From rustic, to industrial, to cute.

These recent finds (other than the "Snow White" sign) were found on the same day.

I added the "Snow White" sign.  I've had it for a long time, and thought about framing it, but never did.  

I thought it would look good on this primitive box.

I just hammered it on with rusty nails.

I love the inside of this old box as well.  No additional adornment needed.  Just look at that faded color.

The basket, vintage pulley, and metal birdhouses were from the same garage sale.

I've been making clock faces.  With the one below, I used the same basic design I used with the FARRAGOZ clock I shared HERE.  I just left off the corner design, used different coloring, distressed it A LOT, and antiqued it.

I gave a little more character to this vintage metal angel fragment.

Remember when I said I had two of these door panels?  I was going to design a match for the door panel I shared  HERE,

but, I wanted to do something different with the other one.  I have a different pair of panels I'm going to do the same design on.

So, this one became a chalkboard.  I added an architectural wood fragment.

I wallpapered the back.

I used my own mix for the chalkboard surface.  As you can see, I roughed it up. I did the same with the board I added to this vintage frame.

This chippy cabinet is another recent find.

I'm just going to clean it up, and stain the top.

My husband picked up these industrial cabinets.  I love the blue.

Okay, back to cute.  I'm painting frames, and doing chandelier designs.

These frames are in various stages of completion.  They may become chalkboards, magnetic boards, etc.

I unearthed these beautiful faded pink vintage curtains. Can you see the butterflies? Yes, they were packed away, along with other linens and things I have to sort through.

So, I've been keeping myself busy. No Etsy right now, for those of you who've asked.  I'm working on my own site, and other endeavors.  I'll keep you posted.


  1. All I can say is **sigh** .....
    I scroll through your posts with my mouth wide open!!!!
    It's quite a sight!!!

  2. Everything looks great Rosemary...love that chippy cabinet and love what you did with the door panel!

  3. Wow! Rosemary, you've been busy! Beautiful..simply beautiful!

  4. I am ending my night here so I will have sweet dreams of beautifully distressed finishes. I cannot even pick a favorite - might be that cherub face.

  5. Great chalkboards. I love the distressed look. I was thinking of doing a chalkboard on two of my cabinet doors. Now you are taking me in a different direction. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. ...fabulous posting Rosemary, your blog is a wonderful place to visit, a lift of the spirits and you certainly are gifted in seeking out amazing pieces to alter...love love love...Mel:)xx

  7. Hmmm - hard to say what I like most here. All of it! The colour on that cabinet is wonderful. It's hard to recreate that fading.

  8. Busy, busy girl, Rosemary! I wish you were closer. There are a number of things I would love to get my hands on. You did a fantastic job with the clock face and I love your distressing of it. Well Done! I wouldn't mind it for myself!

  9. Always beautiful treasures Rosemary...you have an eye for the beauty in all! I cannot wait to hear about your new endeavors.

  10. The chippy cabinet is a wonderful find Rosemary. You are busy as usual. I am new to having two booths and I can barely keep up and blog as well. hugs, olive

  11. That door chalkboard is amazing! Love the details. And how cute are those bird houses. Nice finds!



    thanks for inspiring me....and all of us.

    be blessed

    PS love all the rest too, but dying over that clock.

  13. Wow...so many lovely treasures! The Snow White sign is precious and those vintage pink curtains just made my sewing machine start to hum.

  14. Rosemary you inspire me sooo much! I am so in awe of your creations. Your Farragoz clockface just blew me away...especially because that is my next project to work on. WOW just WOW!

  15. You find the greatest things...love the Snow White sign and that great chippy cabinet...cannot wait to see the makeover!

  16. I was wondering where your Etsy shop went! Will you be selling your wares on your own site then eventually? Will you be selling some of those clock faces too? I'm interested.

  17. I always enjoy seeing what you creating with all your found treasures. Love the clock face and all your gorgeous frames. What's your secret to adding more than 24 hours to every day, lol?

  18. Oh my, everything is wonderful. Love the door panel and I really love that dresser. I would love for you to link up to my Inspire Me party that is ongoing - -http://www.astrollthrulife.net/2013/10/185th-inspire-me-tuesday.html. Hope to see you there. Hugs, Marty


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